Enable DirectX HDR support

Enable DirectX HDR support on Windows to get the best display for HDR content while working with Premiere Pro.

Why DirectX HDR support?

  • Better stability and performance
  • Modern, more efficient codebase
  • Support for Windows 10 advanced color, which allows displaying HDR content on an HDR10 capable display.

Requirements and set up

To check if your system configuration supports DirectX HDR:

  1. Right-click anywhere on the desktop and go to Display Settings. 
  2. Check if you can see the Play HDR games and apps option, and switch it on.

If your hardware is unqualified, this option is not visible.


If your system configuration does not meet DirectX specifications, Premiere Pro reverts to OpenGL display graphics.

When DirectX HDR is supported

System requirements

Minimum system requirements for DirectX HDR support

Operating system

Windows 10, version 1709 or later


A display that supports the HDR10 standard. Windows works best with displays that are VESA DisplayHDR certified.


  • Nvidia GeForce 1000 series (Pascal), or newer
  • AMD Radeon RX 400 series (Polaris), or newer
  • Selected Intel Core 7 series (Kaby Lake), or newer

Enable DirectX HDR on your system

To enable DirectX HDR support, make sure Play HDR games and apps in Display Settings is switched on - putting your system into advanced color mode.

 When advanced color is enabled, non-HDR content, including the system background, desktop and menus can appear dull and flat. Only actual HDR content appears normally. Adobe recommends that you only enable the HDR capability in the Display Settings when you are dealing with HDR content.

Increase brightness for non-HDR content

  1. With Play HDR games and apps switched on, click on Windows HD Color settings.

    Windows HD color settings
    Windows HD color settings

  2. Drag the SDR content appearance slider to adjust the brightness of SDR content.

    Dragging the SDR content appearance slider
    Dragging the SDR content appearance slider

Set up Premiere Pro for DirectX HDR

  1. Set project renderer to one of the GPU-accelerated renderers: OpenCL/CUDA in the Project Settings > General dialog box.

  2. Enable Display Color Management (requires GPU acceleration) in the Preferences > General dialog box.

    Enabling color management in Premiere Pro
    Enabling color management in Premiere Pro

Supported and unsupported views

Supported and unsupported views

Supported views

Unsupported views

Program Monitor

Export Window

Source Monitor

Legacy Titler


Known issue

When sequence working space is set to Rec 709 (SDR), the preview files are clipped into SDR ranges. Importing HDR clips and directly playback preserves the HDR appearance. This is because Premiere Pro processes color in 32bit floating point and the overrange values goes into the HDR range.

However, all the HDR range data is lost as soon as you render them into preview files.  Adobe recommends using an HDR sequence working color space for HDR production (Rec2100 HLG or Rec2100 PQ). 

You can choose the sequence working color space in the Sequence settings.

Setting the color working space
Setting the color working space

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