Work with multiple open projects

Learn how to work with multiple projects in Premiere Pro.

Watch this video to learn about how to work with multiple open projects (2 mins)

You can open multiple projects using Premiere Pro. You can also open two different projects to copy elements and assets from one to the other by clicking dragging from each other as per your requirement.

  1. You can open an existing Premiere Pro project or create another Premiere Pro project even when you are working on a project. 

    Viewing multiple open projects
    Viewing multiple open projects

  2. To view the full list of projects that are open, select Premiere Pro>Projects>Menu. This displays the list of all projects that are open and all the project panels. 

    Viewing multiple projects
    Viewing multiple projects

  3. Click any panel that displays content associated with a specific project to switch the 'active project' mode to that project. This applies to Project Panel, Timeline Panel, Program Monitor, Source Monitor, Effects, etc.

  4. To close the specific project that you are working on, select File>Close Project.  (Windows: Ctrl+Shift+W, Mac: Shift+Cmd+W). 

  5. If you select Quit and Save, you must wait for all projects to be written to the disk and saved. When you have multiple projects that are open, you can see messages like 'Save changes to 'Project_X.prproj' before closing each project that you have made changes to.

  6. You can drag media or sequences between different projects. When you drag the media, it is copied to the new location and not moved or removed from the original location. 

  7. If you want to move the project items to the target location instead and remove from the source where you are copying from, you need to delete the project items from the source once you drag them to the project.

Saving your workspace when working with multiple open projects

  1. Select Import Workspace from Projects. 

  2. When you open the first project, its workspace gets loaded. When you load a subsequent project, only the sequences that were open in the timeline get opened and not the entire workspace. 

  3. When you close any project, save the workspace to it, but remove the project panels and timeline panels before closing.

  4. This is to ensure that when you open the project again, this won't open the extra project or timeline panels. This also avoids having to see a workspace that includes a bunch of timeline panels for sequences that are not actually in the project.  


    Premiere Pro does not save the workspace settings unless you choose the Import Workspace from Projects setting. 

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