Adobe RoboHelp 11.0.4 ReadMe

This document provides information on the enhancements and issues resolved in the latest RoboHelp update 11.0.4.

Feature enhancements

  1. The user now has the option to choose whether or not to import images from reference pages in a FrameMaker document.

Issues resolved

  1. RoboHelp crashes if a user attempts to edit an existing Screen Layout page (Responsive HTML5 or Multiscreen HTML5) either by double-clicking or by right-clicking on the screen layout and choosing Edit in the Project Setup pod.
    (Ref# 3837352)
  2. While importing MS Word documents, if any images have been resized in the Word document, RoboHelp imports the resized images and not the original images.
    (Ref# 3840133)
  3. If a user defines bottom and right margins on an image in a document, the margins display incorrectly in the published output.
    (Ref# 3910121)
  4. If a Responsive HTML5 output displays a large TOC, clicking a topic in the lower portion of the TOC causes the TOC to scroll up. This issue can be confusing to the end-user
    since the selected topic in the TOC moves down.
    (Ref# 3910639)
  5. The print output in Internet Explorer using the Responsive HTML5 print button does not print the entire contents of the output. Only a small section of the top of the output is printed.
    (Ref# 3910640)
  6. If a user imports a DITA map through the DITA Open Toolkit option (not the FrameMaker DITA map option), the document is not imported.
    (Ref# 3910647)
  7. In the Help viewer, context-sensitive URLs of Responsive HTML 5 output do not open further links.
    (Ref# 3910648)
  8. If a user rotates an image by 360 degrees, the image is resaved and there is a loss in quality of the image in the published output.
    (Ref# 3910654)
  9. In the TOC of the Responsive HTML5 output, a user is unable to collapse a topic hierarchy by clicking the expand / collapse icon. Clicking the link or the expand / collapse icon causes the topic to remain expanded.
    (Ref# 3910661)
  10. If topic name is defined in the Topic Pattern Name field of the Other Settings tab of the Publish Settings dialog, the topic title appears in the search results instead of the topic name.
    (Ref# 3910641)
  11. If the text contents of a page in the Response HTML5 output exceeds the screen view, you cannot scroll the page on an Apple iOS8.1 device.
    (Ref# 3910642)
  12. For the Standard and Black Theme layouts, clicking the print button on the search results page, prints the previously opened topic instead of the search results page.
    (Ref# 3919334)
  13. Webhelp projects viewed on a Mac machine become unresponsive if the user reaches the end of the Index. Also, the browser displays an unresponsive script warning.
    (Ref# 3919343)
  14. WebHelp published output does not display the TOC, Index, Glossary, or Search on Mozilla Firefox version 35.
    (Ref# 3923069)
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