Adobe Primetime Concurrency Monitoring | Product description

Last updated: August 12, 2015

What is Adobe Primetime Concurrency Monitoring?

Adobe Primetime Concurrency Monitoring enables counting of the number of concurrent streams in use for each set of Content User login credentials.

Product or Service

License Metric


Concurrency Monitoring

Per-Stream OR Per-Subscriber

On-demand Services

Product limitations

The Heartbeat interval shall be 60 seconds.


Branded Site means an individually branded distribution channel through which Customer Content is distributed.

Content User means a user of the Internet that consumes Ads or Customer Content via the Video Player by initiating playback of Ads or Customer Content via the Video Player.

Ad(s) means a graphic or multi-media file served in adjacent to or otherwise in connection with Customer Content, including, without limitation, overlays, companion banners, pre-roll/mid-roll/post-roll, video and display.

Customer Content means content that is packaged and delivered or uploaded to a Video Player for distribution on or through the Video Player.

Heartbeat means a network call made to the On-demand Service at regular intervals during the playback of Customer Content and Ads monitored by the On-demand Service.

Subscriber means a Content User who has initiated playback on a Video Player to view Customer Content or Ads in a given calendar month.

Streams means:

(A) each time a Content User initiates playback to view Ads or Customer Content via a Video Player; or

(B) each viewing interval of up to 30 minutes that has elapsed since a new Stream has been counted for the same piece of Customer Content or Ad.  For example, if a Content User watches a feed for 85 minutes, the Content User has watched 3 Streams.

Video Player means Customer Content and Ads players, for use on Branded Sites, regardless of whether such Customer Content and Ads players are intended for desktop operating systems or other device operating systems.



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