Third‑party plug‑ins let you extend the already powerful effects provided with Adobe Audition. The application supports VST plug-ins on both platforms and Audio Units plug-ins on Mac OS.

Applying plug‑in effects is identical to applying built‑in effects. For information about plug-in features, consult the documentation provided by the plug‑in manufacturer.

Enable VST and Audio Units plug-ins

To access third-party plug‑ins in Adobe Audition, you must first enable them. By default, all third-party plug-ins are disabled. To optimize performance, enable only the plug-ins you plan to use in Adobe Audition.


If effects are being used in a multitrack session, close the session.

  1. Choose Effects > Audio Plug-in Manager.

  2. In the VST Plug-in Folders section, click Add to specify custom folders you want to scan for plug‑ins. Click Default to specify the standard VST folder for your operating system.

  3. In the Available Plug-ins section, click Scan For Plug-ins.


    If you’ve recently updated a plug-in, select Rescan Existing Plug-ins.

  4. Select the plug-ins you want to access in Adobe Audition, and then click OK.


If a third‑party effect is incompatible, Adobe Audition adds it to an Unsupported submenu in effects menus.