EX11 error when updating or installing Creative Cloud apps

Issue: EX11 error when installing Creative Cloud apps

When installing or updating Creative Cloud Creative applications the error, "Installation Failed. Unable to extract to temp directory. Please contact customer support.(EX11)," occurs.

This error indicates that the download of the installation files was successful.  Unfortunately while trying to save the downloaded files an error occurred. It can be due to insufficient file permissions or disk space available.


1. Verify sufficient disk space

Verify that the computer meets the minimum system requirements and has sufficient disk space to download and install Adobe Creative applications.

2. User account name under 12 characters

Verify that the current User account name does not contain more than 12 characters.  If the file path for the temp directory User account name contains more than 12 characters, then the update or installation package can fail.

3. Verify correct file permission

Verify that the current User account has permissions to modify and write to the temp directory.  Attempt to download and install the update or application in a new user account.

If a newly created Local administrator account resolves the error, then verify the file permissions for the temp directory under the previously used User account.  Details on how to verify that file permissions can be found in solution 2 of Error "Exit 6" or "Exit 7" | Install log | Read, write, system file errors | CS5, CS5.5.


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