System requirements

Fonts are activated on your computer through the Creative Cloud desktop application, which is available for macOS and Windows.

It isn't possible to activate desktop fonts on other operating systems, as the Creative Cloud desktop application is not available for those platforms.

Web fonts hosted by Adobe work in all browsers which support web fonts on macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS, as well as most mobile browsers; read more about web font browser and OS support.


In order to activate fonts, you have to be signed in to the Creative Cloud desktop application with a named-user Creative Cloud subscription. It isn't possible to activate fonts with a device or site-wide Creative Cloud license. 

What's included in your subscription

The Complete Library of fonts for web and desktop use is included with:

  • A paid monthly or annual Creative Cloud All Apps subscription
  • Any single-application Creative Cloud subscription
  • Each full seat of a Creative Cloud team subscription
  • The Creative Cloud Photography Plan

The Basic Library, which includes a selection of fonts for web and desktop use, is included with:

  • The administrative contact for a Creative Cloud team subscription
  • Trial Creative Cloud subscriptions

Creative Cloud is also offered via several educational licensing programs, some of which include the full font library and some of which include the basic library. Please get in touch with your school's Adobe representative if you have any questions on the particular package that you purchased.

Upgrading your subscription

If your subscription includes the Basic Library, you can upgrade to a Creative Cloud plan that includes the full font library to have access to a wider selection of fonts.

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