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Last updated: August 12, 2015

What is Adobe Social?

Adobe Social provides Customer with tools for listening to, measuring, moderating and capturing insight from conversations and interactions occurring on social networks and online communities.

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Adobe Social

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Product Limitations

Reports.  Each Report may only contain up to five‐hundred thousand (500,000) unique values or data elements.

Data Correlations. Data Correlation supports a maximum of five hundred thousand (500,000) unique values per variable per Report Suite.

Additional Conversion Variables with Full Sub‐Relations. Customer may only use up to five (5) Conversion Variables with Sub‐Relations.

Social Profiles.  Each Social Profile includes access for up to two (2) individual Social Users to access any of Customer’s social media accounts.  Additional Social Users may be purchased or may be added by purchasing additional Social Profiles.

Test Accounts. Test Accounts can be added to Adobe Social solely for testing purposes; provided however, that Test Accounts may not have more than twenty‐five (25) fans and cannot exhibit sustained activity or fan growth other than for purposes of testing.


Report Suite: means a repository of Customer Data within the Adobe Social platform pertaining to a specific source of traffic that has been identified by Customer.

Social Profile: means a collection of social media accounts that are associated with a particular segment of Customer’s business and actively managed by Customer, i.e., where Customer exhibits regular activity in Adobe Social for the corresponding profile pages, such as publication, moderation, app building, and analytics, and expressly includes access for up to two (2) individual Social Users. Additional Social Users are available to supplement the number of Social Users included with the purchase of Social Profiles.  One Social Profile may represent a brand or sub-brand, product line, region, or any other reasonable way in which a business defines itself to its consumers. Each Social Profile may include up to the quantity set forth on the Adobe Sales Order for each type of Social Media Platform.

Social User: means only employees and third party contractors of Customer who are authorized and designated by Customer to access Adobe Social using a unique password and login ID, as provided exclusively by Adobe. Each individual Social User may access the Adobe Social platform via a single access point using the single login assigned to that individual Social User.

Test Account: means a social media account that is used as a staging environment to test social applications before pushing them live.



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