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Last updated:  March 1, 2016

What is Adobe ColdFusion?

Adobe ColdFusion application server provides a single platform to build and deploy web and mobile applications. 

Products and Services

License Metric


Adobe ColdFusion 2016 - Enterprise License

Per 8 Cores

On-premise Software

Adobe ColdFusion 2016 - Standard License

Per 2 Cores

On-premise Software

Product Limitations

Adobe ColdFusion Standard: Adobe ColdFusion Standard version does not include Additional Enterprise Software Component (i.e., ColdFusion API Manager).


“Core” means a physical or virtual core on a Physical or Virtual Machine and is capable of independently manipulating and operating the On-premise Software. In Physical deployment, Core refers to one of smaller processing units of the CPU in a Computer, and in virtual deployment, it refers to the unit of processing power in a Virtual Machine. A virtual Core is the virtual representation of a single hardware thread in underlying processing core. The total number of Cores operating the On-premise Software in the Computer may not exceed the licensed quantity, and will be the greater of (a) the exact number of Cores operating the Software in the case when Customer configures the Computer (using a reliable and verifiable means of hardware or software partitioning) such that the total number of Cores that actually operate the Software is less than the total number of Cores on that Computer; or (b) the sum of all the Cores contained in every CPU on the Computer. The total number of Cores assigned to the Virtual Machine may not exceed the licensed quantity.

"CPU" means a distinct processing unit (physical) within the Computer.  Each CPU may contain one or multiple processing Cores.

“Virtual Machine” (or “VM”) means a technical environment that contains the components necessary to operate multiple instances of software installed on a single Computer as if any instance of such software was separately installed on a separate Computer. VM also means a technical environment operating one or more instances of the software to deliver hosted services and resources over the internet or intranet in which the services and resources can be accessed in a manner that permits such services and resources to be made available “on demand”, scaling up or down, to the processing needs of the user over time.


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