What is Medium by Adobe

The future of 3D modeling is in your hands.

With Medium, you can intuitively create organic shapes, complex characters, abstract art, and anything in between. Exclusively in virtual reality on Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest + Link.

Create 3D in 3D

Medium provides you with a limitless VR canvas, so you can sketch ideas out of thin air in any direction. Learn while you create, guided by in-depth tutorials and intuitive tools. Stretch and inflate, shrink and rotate, and sculpt the fine details to bring it to life. Then, grab a 2D capture to share anywhere, or print a 3D model and bring it into the real world.

Find your flow state

Medium lets pros craft high-end 3D models with unparalleled freedom, exploring new concepts and iterating on ideas in real time. Reshape models on the fly without remeshing, make multiple copies, quickly change tools, instantly undo actions. The familiar UI makes it easy to find what you need as you go.

The ultra-responsive Oculus Touch controllers help speed up the sculpting process, and the expansive virtual workspace makes it easy to manipulate models. Grab and hold them as though they were real, move them around to explore every angle, bring them in close for precision work.

Take your creations further

Use Substance Painter to add textures to your 3D models, choosing from the array of available materials. Place them in realistic environments with Dimension to create stunning virtual photographs. Bring them into Aero as part of interactive AR experiences. Or export your work as OBJ and FBX files and bring them into game engines such as Unity and Unreal.

Virtual tools tailored to you

Medium is a sculpting tool built for artists and most notable features include:

  • Organic and hard-surface modeling: Use Medium to craft both organic and hard-surface sculpts using various customizable tools:
    • Layers: Create different parts of your sculpt in separate layers that can be modified and managed independently, or combined with other layers.
    • Stamps: Select from a library of custom shapes (or create your own) to kitbash, add, or carve forms into your sculpt.

  • Shared sculpt sessions: Make sculpting a social activity. Invite fellow artists to join a sculpting session when you want to share your work. Interact with each other and view the same content simultaneously to get immediate feedback.
  • Pipeline friendly: Medium supports industry-standard formats for both import and export:
    • Import: Load 3D meshes from other packages directly into Medium, either as polygonal meshes to guide your work or to serve as the basis for your sculpting.
    • Export: Save sculpts to use with other applications such as game engines, rendering, or 3D printing.

What's next?

Now that you have learned what Medium is all about, it is time to get started with Medium's Workspace Basics.

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