Error launching Lightroom on Windows

You encounter the error 'Could not call C function: private_load_AgCoreTech' while launching Lightroom or Lightroom 6 on Windows.

C function

Solution: Download and install a DLL package to the Lightroom installation directory

  1. Download the Lightroom 64-Bit DLLs package:



    This package contains two files: msvcr100.dll and msvcr80.dll.

  2. Double-click the downloaded package to decompress it. If prompted, choose the option to extract all the files.

  3. After you unzip the package, you see a folder named Lightroom_64-Bit_DLLs, which contains the following two files:

    • msvcr100.dll
    • msvcr80.dll

    Copy these two files to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop Lightroom\.

  4. Relaunch Lightroom.