Working with video in the Library module of Lightroom offers some simple tools for previewing, setting poster frames, and creating stills from frames that can be exported to the Develop module. Lightroom imports many common digital video files from digital still cameras, including AVI, MOV, MP4, and AVCHD. You can preview video clips in the Loupe view of the Library module, scrub videos, set poster frames, and more. 

For more information on supported video formats, see Video support.

Video tutorial: Working with DSLR video

Video tutorial: Working with DSLR video
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  • To import video files into Lightroom, follow the same steps as you would to import photos. See Import photos from a folder on a hard drive.
  • To preview a video, double-click it in the Grid view of the Library module to enter Loupe view. Then, click the Play button  in video playback control bar. Click the Pause button  to pause playback.
  • To manually preview (scrub) the clip, drag the current-time indicator  in the video playback control bar.
  • To set a new thumbnail image (poster frame), move the current-time indicator to the desired frame, then click Frame button  and choose Set Poster Frame.
  • To create a JPEG still image from the current frame, click the Frame button  and choose Capture Frame.

    Note: Lightroom stacks the capture frame with the video clip. To view the capture frame, expand the stack in the Grid view of the Library module. Be sure you are not viewing Previous Import in the Catalog panel.

  • To shorten the clip, click the Trim Video button  and then drag the start or end marker to the desired location.
Lightroom Dragging the marker to trim video clips
Drag the marker to trim video clips in Lightroom.


You cannot open videos directly from Lightroom into Photoshop.


If you edit the metadata of a video file in the Library module, the changes are stored in the Lightroom catalog. The information is not available to other applications. You cannot see or edit the video camera’s capture time in Lightroom.

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