Adobe Captivate Prime was launched in August 2015. As part of our continuous improvement efforts to enhance the product, we have been rolling out regular updates. Read on to know the features enhanced/issues fixed in update releases.

Latest update release

Update 39

Release date: May 21, 2018.

  • This release of Adobe Captivate Prime rolls out new features and enhancements. It brings to you the capacity to purge users, manage tags, rename Learning Objects, Slack integration and much more. For more information about the new features and enhancements, see New feature's summary.
  • Captivate Prime is compliant with GDPR. For more information, see Captivate Prime compliance to GDPR.

Known Issue

  • The hyperlink to the number of courses and certifications inside tags modal includes shadow courses and recurred certifications. When you click on the hyperlink, these courses and certifications may not be listed causing a miss-match in numbers.

Previous update releases

Update 38

  • Learners in Pending state or in state of awaiting acceptance were being marked complete. This issue is fixed.
  • When an instructor searches and selects all leaners, the number of learners selected and the count shown have disparities. This issue is fixed.
  • When you search and select any learner and mark attendance, Prime could mark attendance for all learners. This is fixed.
  • Prime would display time in emails in 24 hours format. This has been fixed. Time is now displayed in 12 hours format.
  • When a Manager nominates a Learner for a course using the nominate button available in the notifications page, the nominate modal would not load. This has been fixed.
  • In exported excel reports, the deadline date, which should be enrollment date + days to complete value set in auto instance of the LOs, would be displayed wrong. This issue is fixed.
  • User search results are displayed empty when no users are present in the group that is searched. This is now fixed.
  • Managers could not be deleted even if there are no reportees under them. This issue is fixed. Managers can now be deleted.
  • Reset module progress functionality might stop working. This is now fixed.
  • Deleted certification could shows up in the widget for Learners. This issue is fixed.
  • Issue with calculation of course effectiveness has been resolved.
  • Issue for integrating new connect account has been fixed.
  • L1 Feedback auto pop might not appear if enabled at non-default instances. Issue has been fixed.
  • Instructor might not be able to mark attendance for all the users at one go for sessions which are part of Learning Program/Certification. This is fixed.

Update 37

Release date: March 25, 2018

The March 2018 version of Adobe Captivate Prime rolls out exciting new features and enhancements. It brings to you, generation of user audit trail reports and login/access reports, gives Learners the capacity to choose course instances, enhancements to classrooms and virtual classrooms, and much more. This release also brings to you bug fixes and performance enhancements.

To read all that is new in this release, see What's New in Adobe Captivate Prime.

Known Issue

Issue: Accessing a few specific Learning Objects using Internet Explorer v11.1478.10586.0 might lead Captivate Prime to crash.

Workaround: Update your Internet Explorer 11 browser to the latest version by reaching out to the IT team in your organization.

Update 36

Release date: January 22, 2018.

Issues Fixed

  • Making any change in the Email template setting might lead to the disappearance of Email Banner. This issue is fixed.
  • Learners might be unable to add/launch private job aids. This is fixed.
  • Custom user groups present in an account might not be listed under the user group field in add/edit report modal. This issue is fixed.
  • If a badge image has space in its name, it might not appear to the learner in the home page.
  • When an enrolled user is deleted from a course, the course report and quiz report might not get generated for that particular course. This issue is fixed.
  • If the admin changes the number of nominated seats for a manager, the count might appear wrong in the nomination request when opened from different places. This issue is fixed.
  • When converting an external user to an internal user, the user might not get added to the All Internal Learners group. This issue is fixed.
  • If you search for an individual learner, select them, and perform the unenroll action, it might result in unenrolling all the learners in that group instead of only the selected one. This issue is fixed.
  • As an administrator, you might be unable to use the check-box to select a learner inside certifications. This issue is fixed.
  • Creation and updating of user groups with more than 600 individual users might fail. This issue is fixed. You can now create user groups with more than 600 individual users.
  • If you delete a custom user group which is part of another custom user group, intersection rule might roll over the user number to the higher group. This issue is fixed.
  • When the default catalog is disabled, and a new catalog is created, and if the manager has access to this newly created catalog, he might not be able to search any course under that catalog. This issue is fixed.
  • Mobile application users might not receive L1 feedback as push notifications. This has been fixed.

Update 35

Release date: January 7, 2018.

This release of Captivate Prime brings to you performance optimizations aimed to improve scalability, performance, and security.


  • Experience elastic search while searching for courses, and users across all applications. This includes Courses, User, and User Group search.
  • Support the use of Box connector to integrate Captivate Prime with external systems to automate data synchronization. For more information, see Box connector.
  • Updated CSV specifications that you can use to map your existing LMS migration data. Use the latest downloadable csv-specifications and sample-csvs zip files to understand the prescribed format of data to be entered. For more information, see Migration manual.

Update 34

Issues Fixed

  • Announcements might fail when the number of users are high. This issue is resolved.
  • Accessing Captivate Prime account using the subdomain URL in EU could redirect users to a different page. This issue is resolved.
  • When a LP is ordered, a learner should be able to consume the LP only in the specified order. Learners were able to consume courses which were not listed first using the course hyperlinks. This issue is fixed. Learners can no longer start a course until he finishes the previous one.
  • Unsupported browser version error message might not show up in unsupported versions of Internet Explorer ( IE 7, IE 8, IE 9, and IE 10) and Safari ( version 7, 8, and 9). This issue is fixed.


Update 33

Release date: October 5, 2017.

Issues Fixed

  • Changes to a shared course might not get propagated to the shared account if the author in origin account auto saves the course. This issue is fixed.
  • Sometimes, for specific Captivate Prime projects, content used to freeze in fluidic player. This issue is fixed.
  • The calendar listing under the Learning Calendar widget in the Learner Dashboard might appear in a random order. This issue is fixed. The listing will now appear in an orderly manner.
  • When marking attendance using select-all option, learners get marked as attended across the learning objects for the same session. This issue is fixed.
  • In certain high-resolution screens, the email received from Captivate Prime had alignment and truncation issues for the banner image and text. This has been fixed. 
  • Certain emails from Captivate Prime such as emails without any notification data were not getting triggered to the users. Example- Email received on creating and enabling external profile and Email received on configuring connect account. This issue has been fixed.
  • When you create a LP, set a reminder, enroll users, and then change the deadline of the instance, the changed deadline might not be reflected for the reminders. This is fixed. The reminders would now carry the changed deadline.
  • In certain cases, for content created using Adobe Presenter, the total and the elapsed time in fluidic player was not in sync with the content. This issue is fixed.
  • In certain cases, after adding a learning program to a catalog, the option to add might still be enabled. This issue has been fixed.
  • Opening Captivate Prime in a device browser displays an option to experience Prime on device app. Clicking yes should launch the Play Store (Android) if app is not installed, or launch the app if installed (in Android and iOS). This workflow had issues and have been fixed. 

Update 32

Release date: August 17, 2017

Issues Fixed

Course with multiple module versions getting rolled back to the previous version on delete action.

When a course has multiple module version entries for specific modules, on deleting the module, it would roll-back to the previous version and not get deleted completely. This issue has been fixed.

Changes to a shared course would not get propagated if it is auto saved by moving across tabs.

Changes to a shared course might not get propagated to tenant account if the author in parent account autosaves the course by moving to next tab. This issue has been fixed.

Users were unable to change deadline of instances for an activity only course.

Users were unable to change deadline of an instance in activity courses as it would revert to the previous deadline date. This issue has been fixed.

Inability to use a unique id once removed from a learning object.

When you assign a unique id to a course and remove it, you would be unable to use the id again. This issue has been fixed.

A learning program which is already enrolled as part of one learning plan event might appear again as part of another event in learner app.

If a learning program is already enrolled as part of one learning plan event, it might appear again as part of another event in learner app. This issue has been fixed.

Learner getting reminder emails with deadline date/ session time specified incorrectly.

Learners would often get emails with incorrect deadline reminders/ session time reminders due to timezone corrections. This issue has been fixed.

Gamification leaderboard timeline shows external learners if he gets converted from an external learner to an internal one. 

An internal learner's gamification leaderboard timeline might show external learner when he is converted from external to an internal learner. This issue has been fixed.

UUID field for a learner is shown in editable format while creating a single and CSV users in a UUID enabled account.

UUID field was displayed to the learner while completing his profile even when the administrator has provided the UUID for single and CSV users. This issue is fixed.

Learning time spent is not getting captured in reports in certain cases.

Learning time spent data was not showing up in reports for a learner,

  • If his/her attendance is auto-marked by the system for connect modules.
  • When a QR code is scanned for CR and VC modules using Captivate Prime device application.

This release of Captivate prime also introduced enhancements and bug fixes related to device player.

  • Issues regarding completion of activity modules. This has been fixed.
  • When the learner is playing a video in portrait mode, +10 and -10 buttons might not work. This has been fixed
  • Improved the playback experience of certain sample projects when played on an android device (mobile and tab) which would earlier flicker.
  • When you add a new note, the notes panel should close and the playback should resume in the player. This might not happen in certain cases. This has been fixed.
  • When you open the notes added to a module, the close button might not be displayed. This issue has been fixed.
  • When learner opens notes panel using Note marker, he might have to click the Notes icon twice to close the panel.
  • When clicked on the table of content, it might not collapse automatically and needs manual closure to view the content. This issue is fixed.
  • A course which has a module with multiple languages might not display all the available languages as the scroll bar might not scale accordingly. This has been fixed.
  • When you open a third party activity course module in a player in landscape mode, the text orientation might not adjust making it difficult to scroll. This has been fixed.
  • Increased the tap area for the close button of the player in both online and offline mode.
  • The TOC does not automatically close when the orientation of the device is changed. This has been fixed.
  • Some minor issues in relation to user interface such as alignment of play button, radio button and other settings in landscape and portrait mode have been fixed.
  • The issue of seekbar being displayed even when the show playback control option is unchecked in content has been fixed.
  • The close button of the player was not visible for certain projects when the device orientation is changed. This has been fixed.
  • The issue in regard to TOC section of module getting truncated in landscape mode on device player has been fixed. In certain cases, TOC was not visible for content in device player. This has also been corrected.

This release of Captivate prime also introduced enhancements and fixes listed below for the Device application.

  • Push notification related to completion deadlines might not get delivered on certain devices. This issue has been resolved.
  • We now support learning object lifecycle on device application as well. Learners can now access the latest content in learning objects if they have been edited by the author.
  • Application orientation issues (including default orientation- portrait mode) of the Captivate Prime application has been fixed.
  • There might not be an option to update the content when user transitions from offline to online mode.
  • Module ordering is now supported for courses in device application in online mode.
  • If a user has not downloaded any Job Aids, then clicking on My Job Aids tab in offline mode might crash the app in IOS and show a message saying error loading data in android. This has been resolved.
  • Captivate Prime application closes or throws an error if we access the course immediately after switching off the internet even when it is a downloaded course. This issue is now fixed.
  • Sometimes when you scan the QR code, it displays a captured image of the previous QR code scan. This has been corrected.
  • Trying to remove a Job Aid which is already added from my Job Aids tab on certain occasions would show an error message. This issue has been fixed.

Update 31

Release date: July 16, 2017



This release enhances the scope of gamification. External Users can now take part in Gamification. As an administrator, you can define the scope of gamification by changing the scope settings. You can selectively enable gamification among similar profile users, groups or location.

External user enhancements

With this enhancement, you can set a time-range after which users get automatically deleted after the period of inactivity. The enhancement also allows admin to re-add user as an external learner for both automatically deleted and manually deleted learners.

Job Aid, announcements, and unenrollment report

Job Aids are training content that a Learner can access without having to enroll for any specific learning object like a Course or Learning Program. With this enhancement, administrators can extract and download Job Aids report. As an administrator, you can also generate a report of all the announcements that have been sent by you. Administrators and managers can also extract a report of the learners who have been unenrolled.

Captivate Prime connectors

You can now export user skills to an FTP location to integrate with any third party system using the Data Export option. You can specify the Connection Name for your integration and choose if you want to import internal users, or export user skills by configuring them or fetching it on demand.

Copy course instances

You can now copy the instance URL by clicking the drop-down arrow at the upper-right corner of an instance.

Issues Fixed

Users not getting calendar invite when being enrolled into learning program

Users were sometimes not getting calendar invite (.ics) file invite when they enroll in Learning Programs, Certificates carrying Classroom, and Connect sessions. This issue has been fixed. Users will now get .ics files as attachments which mention the session details along with the enrollment email.

Activity description even if provided in multiple languages, would still appear in English

A user whose content language preference is set to non-English would still be able to see Activity module description in English. This issue has been fixed.

Update 30

Release date: June 30, 2017


Multiple learning objects support in learning plan

As an administrator or author, you can now assign multiple learning objects to a Learning Plan. If any of the learning object's instance retires or expires, the whole learning plan gets disabled automatically. With this enhancement, you can also search Completed Learning and Assign Learning fields using learning objects unique IDs.


With this update Captivate Prime Learner Experience now supports section 508 Standard of accessibility. Captivate Prime is also compatible with the latest version of JAWS. This feature is only supported for the Learner application. Use Internet Explorer 11, Windows Chrome, or macOS Safari to access this feature.

Issues Fixed

Incorrect information in certain time zones

Deadline reminders mentioned the number of remaining days incorrectly for learners in certain time zones. This issue has been fixed.

Learning Program issues in the case of expired Program instance

Launching of modules from Learning Program had issues if Program instance is expired. This led to the expansion of module not working and learners unable to launch the player and visit the content. This issue has been fixed.

Translation issues in Learner application

Captivate Prime users experienced certain translation issues in Learner app. These issues have been fixed.

Issues regarding subscription to a skill

In certain cases, Learners were unable to subscribe to a new skill. This issue has been fixed.

Update 29

Release date: April 9, 2017

New features

For a list of new features and enhancements in Captivate Prime April release, refer to What's New.

Widget-based Learner App

Use widgets on the home page to manage your courses, skills, and achievements. Use the search bar to perform a search in your entire LMS that spans all the learning objects, catalogs, skills, notes, and discussions

For detailed information on the new home page, see Learner home page in Captivate Prime.

Administrator settings for Learner Dashboard

As an administrator, you can control the learner's home page by enabling and disabling different widgets.

Captivate Prime mobile app for learners

The new Captivate Prime mobile app lets learners use the app to enroll and undertake courses. The app can also be used to manage dashboards.

To know more about using Captivate Prime in mobiles, see Captivate Prime leaner app for mobiles.

Marking attendance using QR code

Use QR Scan Code to mark your attendance for classroom sessions using your mobile devices.

Instructor role

Captivate Prime now introduces instructors for modules. Instructors can manage module sessions including the time, venue, and seat limit for the modules that are assigned to them.

To view detailed information on Instructors, see Instructors in Captivate Prime.

Peer account

If you are an administrator, you can create peer accounts with whom you can share your purchased seats.

To know how to create and manage peer accounts, see Peer accounts.

Course equivalency offerings

Use Add New Language option when you add a module or a course to make it available in multiple  language and format.

Learner Transcript

Captivate Prime offers managers and administrators the ability to download transcript data to track the learning history of individuals as well as teams.

Integration with other content providers

Captivate Prime has introduced three new connectors in this release, so that learners can access and consume courses from the following content providers: Lynda.com, getAbstract, and Harvard ManageMentor.

To know how to configure and use each of these connectors, see Connectors.

Unique ID for Learning Objects

While creating Learning Objects, now authors and administrators can specify unique IDs for the courses, learning programs, or certifications. If you want to enable unique ID when creating a learning object, click Settings > General. Select the Enable check box next to the Unique Learning Object Ids option.

Discussion board for learners

Use the Discussion board in courses to interact with your peers and instructors. As a learner you can view all the posts for courses. However, you can also delete only those posts that you entered. For more information about Discussion board, see Viewing and participating in discussions.


X out of Y courses

The completion criteria for learning objects such as courses, certifications, and learning plans can be set such that learners need to complete only X out of Y modules or courses. Authors can similarly set the completion criteria for certifications and learning plans as well. 

For more information of this feature, see Course completion criteria.

Course Moderation

Administrators now receive notifications whenever an author edits or updates modules and republishes a course. 

Administrator settings for resetting modules

Now, administrators have the ability to configure the Reset Module option to allow learners to reset a failed or an incomplete course.

Report Catalog

When you create reports in Captivate Prime, you can generate reports and graphs for catalogs now.

Learning Plan enhancements

Administrators can now create Learning Plans of the types On Date. With the On Date Learning Plan, an administrator can specify the event name, choose the date for the event, and select the user group for whom the event belongs to. 

Course specific enrollment messages

Administrators can now configure and send course specific enrollment messages via email, to learners.

Sticky announcements

As an administrator, you can now enable Sticky feature for announcements.

Support for URL in announcements

You can add URLs as announcements by adding the URL in HTML. 

Add New Delivery Types (Courses)

Adobe Captivate Prime now lets you add delivery types for your courses.

Author role enhancements

Earlier authors could only create modules and courses. Now, authors also have the ability to create certifications and learning programs for learners.

Author role to external users

As an administrator, you can now assign author roles to external users.

Multiple authors

Captivate Prime now lets multiple authors to simultaneously edit the same content group.

Adobe Connect enhancements

You can now configure a single Adobe Connect URL with multiple Prime accounts.

Support for new languages

Support for Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian is available from this release.


Update 28

Release date: January 30, 2017

Issues Fixed

Account Settings

As an Administrator, when you click External Profile and chose Actions > Change Profile, all the profiles were not listed. This issue is now fixed.

Course life cycle

  • When you launch a course that was created using the Biz library e-learning tool, the “Resume” action did not work. This issue is fixed.
  • Some users were unable to launch a course in iPad using the course link in Announcements. This is now fixed.
  • When you click the Continue button in Learner’s Program, you could not access the courses in order. This is now fixed.
  • The Course Overview label for courses in Learner’s Program was earlier misplaced. This issue is now fixed.

Learner app

  • In your device, if you open an announcement image in full screen mode, you were not able to go back to the application. This is fixed now.
  • Tincan content that was uploaded from Captivate did not play in online mode in Android and iOS operating systems. This issue is fixed.

Course reports

Incorrect learner transcript reports are generated in Captivate Prime when the course has multiple versions of modules. This is now fixed.

API layer

You encounter an error whenever you tried to fetch the module version information using AP/courses/{coursesid}. This has now been fixed.

Update 27

Release date: December 23, 2016.

New features

Adobe enables enterprises to migrate their organization's training data and training content from their existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) to the Captivate Prime LMS application. 

Captivate Prime provides the necessary tools and templates so that your organization's integration Administrator can set up and perform the migration tasks. 

For more information on Migration feature, refer to Migration manual Help


User registration

As an administrator, you can now add specific domain names while adding external users. When learners register to the account, they can enter email addresses only from those domain names.

You can also send email verification links to users' email when users register to the account. For more information on this enhancement, see Add users/user groups.

Fluidic Player

Fluidic Player now allows you to modify the playback speed. You can choose from five speed variants that are available. Fluidic Player also allows you to control the volume settings when you take a course.

As a learner, you can also skip forward or backward by 10 seconds using the new icons on either side of the play button in the Fluidic Player. For more information on these enhancements, see Fluidic Player.


The Fluidic Player enhancements are applicable for video only.

Update 26

Release date: December 06, 2016.


As part of this update, Captivate Prime provides an end point PATCH/users/{id} to update users in an application. You can access this API end point in Admin role. Using this end point you can update the following information of Captivate Prime users:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Profile
  • Role
  • Manager

Issue fixed

Fluidic player

When you consume a course that was developed in Captivate using cpQuizInfoStudentName variable, the student name was not appearing as expected. This issue is fixed. 

Update 25

Release date: November 17, 2016.


Shared Catalogs

Shared Catalog feature enables Administrators across accounts to share or acquire Catalogs with learning objects. As an extension to this shared catalog feature we support propagation of the updates to learning objects such as Badges, Skills, Modules, Courses, Learning Programs, Certifications & Job Aids.

For more information on this feature, refer to Shared catalogs Help

L1 and L3 feedback

  • L1 feedback dialog appears as soon as a learner completes course consumption. Also, the learner receives a notification about L1 feedback completion. 
  • An option to add descriptive questions has been provided in L1 and L3 feedback feature. Administrators can add these descriptive questions to learners. This provision is in addition to the default set of questions provided by Captivate Prime. You can add two descriptive questions for L1 feedback and one descriptive question for L3 feedback. 
    For more information on this feature, refer to L1 & L3 feedback descriptive questions Help

Export users

  • Based on the request of some large enterprise users, a new option to download the list of all users in Captivate Prime account is provided. In Administrator login, click Users on the left pane and click Export user data to download the list of users as an excel sheet. 

Issues fixed

Course enrollments
  • In some instances, when an Administrator tries to view course enrollments using learners tab, some of the enrolled learners names did not appear. This issue is fixed. 

Add courses

  • While adding a skill to the course, if an author adds a skill which has a blank space at the end of the name then an error used to occur and the course was not saved. This issue is fixed. 

Consume courses

  • In an ordered course, some learners were unable to move from one module to another while consuming a course as the modules were not being marked as completed. This issue is fixed. 
  • In an ordered course, learners were unable to navigate among the modules within TOC during normal and revisit modes. This issue is fixed. 

Fluidic player

  • In some instances, when a user uploads a module content with hidden frames/slides, the Table of Contents on the left pane used to display the hidden frames/slides. This issue is fixed. 


  • The time taken to load reports is higher in the latest update of Captivate Prime. This issue is fixed. 

Update 24

Release date: October 12, 2016.


Course reports

  • For Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) enabled Captivate Prime accounts, UUID appears in course enrollment report, learner transcripts, and Quiz score reports. 

Issues fixed

Job Aids
  • In some instances, when a learner tries to navigate from Learning>Job Aids to Learning>Courses tab, courses were not loaded as expected in Learning>Courses tab. This issue is fixed. 

Add users

  • In some instances, when a single user is added to Captivate Prime application, an email notification is not received by the user. This issue is fixed.
  • Administrators were unable to download the CSV file if the CSV upload process fails. This issue is fixed, Administrators can download the latest CSV even if the CSV upload process fails. 
  • If a CSV is imported after modifying self-registered user info with mixed case letters, then the self-registered user details were not displayed in Administrator user interface. This issue is fixed. 

Course reports

  • In some instances, quiz scores did not appear for courses even though the scores appear in learner transcripts. This issue is fixed. 

Enrollment reports

  • In some instances, the learner's enrollment Excel reports were not being downloaded for the learning objects. This issue used to occur whenever non-ASCII or special characters were used in learning objects name. This issue is fixed. 

User login

  • While setting up a password during registration or during reset, the error message did not appear even though the entered password is not adhering to the password policy. This issue is fixed. 

Course effectiveness

  • In learner role, course effectiveness was displayed as one of the Sort By filter options even when an Administrator disabled the course effectiveness for learners. This issue is fixed. 


  • When an Administrator removes learners from a recurring certification, an error used to occur and the Captivate Prime application used to hang up. This issue is fixed. 


  • When an Administrator tries to generate a certification report with Till date as an option, the inactive users were not displayed in the report. This issue is fixed. 
  • When an Administrator clicks Course Reports link in Reports>MyReports tab, a pop-up dialog used to appear without a Close button. This issue is fixed. 

Fluidic player

  • While previewing courses as an Administrator or an Author, when a user chooses the Full-Screen mode in Fluidic player, the screen appears blank. This issue is fixed. 

Multi-language support

  • Question mark characters used to appear instead of Chinese characters in response to API calls by users. This issue is fixed. 

API layer

  • An error used to occur whenever a user tries to fetch default catalog id using get/catalog/catalog Id API. A default catalog id can be similar to '970_default'. This issue is fixed. 

User interface

  • Some minor typos are fixed in the Captivate Prime application user interface for learner role.

Update 23

Release date: September 19, 2016.

Issues fixed

Learner transcripts
  • In some instances, if there are more than twenty inactive/deleted learners in an account, the inactive learners above twenty were not displayed in the search drop-down list of learner transcript dialog. This issue is fixed. 
  • If an external user account is expired, then its learners were not listed in the generated learner transcript. This issue is fixed. 


  • Some of the customers were facing an issue with display of user groups in a Catalog. Even if there are more than twenty user groups in a catalog, only 20 user groups were displayed. We have fixed this issue by displaying 200 user groups in a page. 

Update 22

Release date: September 13, 2016.

In this update release, we have fixed some of the product engineering backend issues to enhance customer experience. 

Issues fixed

  • There was an issue with module data export in learner transcripts resulting in improper export data. This issue is fixed.
  • If a user uses an email id extension with more than four characters, it was not supported. For example, if an email id is abcd@company.world it was not supported as the extension world was more than four characters. We have fixed it to support the extension with more than four characters. 

Update 21

Release date: September 01, 2016.


Course effectiveness

Now, Administrators can customize the course or learning program effectiveness feature to hide the effectiveness score from learners view. 

Add external users

Captivate Prime has enhanced the maximum limit of external self registrations to 5 digits. 


All the downloaded reports and learners lists for all learning objects display deleted users now with clear demarcation for deleted users. 

Issues fixed

Course life cycle

In some instances, when an author edits a shared course to update a modified module information, a warning message used to appear that user cannot edit as previous changes are being processed. This issue is fixed. 

Multi-language support

In some of the features of Captivate Prime user interface, the messages were not being translated and displayed to the user in appropriate locale sentences. This issue is fixed. 

Add users

  • When a deleted user is added back as a single user, the user was not added to the 'all users' user group by default. This issue is fixed. 
  • A limited number of profiles used to appear in external enrollment and self enrollment profile change dialogs. Pagination is implemented now. 

Job aids

Whenever a learner accesses Job Aids tab in the learner account, an error message used to appear as 'This job aid does not exist in your list anymore' before loading the content. This issue is fixed.  


During Catalog creation, while adding courses as content to the catalog, the Sort By filter was not working as expected. This issue is fixed. 


In account settings, when an Administrator uses a sub domain which was already used by some other account, an error message was not appearing to the Administrator. This issue is fixed. 

API Layer

  • When include manager is used while fetching users, complete hierarchy of managers was fetched instead of the user's immediate manager. This issue is fixed. 
  • When a user with learner scope authorization permission tries to add users, a generic error message used to appear. This issue is fixed and an Unauthorized access message appears to the learner now. 
  • When a user tries to delete a last existing user in a user group, a 204 error message used to appear to the user. This issue is fixed now by displaying a relevant error message to the user stating that the group should have at least one user. 
  • The space, if exists at the beginning of the name, was trimmed while displaying the user name in GET/users API. This is fixed now. 
  • The draft courses were also returned in response when Administrator tries to fetch all courses.These draft courses are supposed to be private to the author. This issue is fixed, draft courses do not return now.

Adobe Connect integration

  • In some instances of Adobe Connect based virtual classroom sessions, the attendance was not being marked automatically after the session. This issue used to occur only when a login id was used by instructor to login instead of email id. It is fixed now. 
  • In some instances, instructor name used to appear multiple times in the Instructor drop-down list during Adobe Connect based Virtual classroom module creation. This issue is fixed. 

Update 20

Release date: August 22, 2016. 


API Layer

As part of this update, we have added the following new APIs to meet some of our customer requirements:

  1. POST Users
  2. DELETE Users
  3. GET userGroups
  4. GET userGroups /{id}
  5. DELETE userGroups /{id}/Users
  6. POST userGroups /{id}/Users
  7. GET /users/userId/userGroups

We have also enhanced the existing User model with the following additions: 

  1. Manager model is added as relationship to User model
  2. userGroupId is added as a new parameter to GetUsers

Learner Transcript

When a user generates Learner Transcript for a learner, the pop-up dialog used to appear for a very short time and disappear without prompting for user action. We have enhanced the user experience by providing a pop-up that pauses and prompts the user to click OK. 

Adobe Connect integration

Login id is provided as a new optional field in Adobe Connect integration settings for the users who do not use their email id to log in. 

Issues fixed

Course reports

  • When a course module consists of open type questions or only survey questions, a blank quiz score report used to appear when it was exported. This issue is fixed. 
  • In some instances, quiz score report was not getting downloaded when a user uses the Export quiz score link. This issue is fixed. 

Create courses

The course Settings page in Author role was not appearing whenever a skill associated with that course is retired by the Administrator. This issue is fixed. 

Smart enroller

The search field was not supporting special characters as input, and as a result, the search results were not displayed. This issue is fixed. 

Update 19

Release date: August 11, 2016. 


Smart enroller

The search engine performance has been enhanced to provide more accurate search results to users. 

Adobe Connect integration

The integration request verification/authentication process has been enhanced in Captivate Prime application. 

Issues fixed

Add users

  • When there are large number of Captivate Prime users, there was a delay in loading users and user groups page. This issue is fixed. 
  • After Administrator completes uploading CSV file with new users, the list of users in the page was not updated with new users until the page was refreshed. This issue is fixed. 
  • Sometimes, after importing users using CSV, the user id value in the page used to be replaced with email id. This issue is fixed. 

Create user groups

In some instances, user count was not displayed in default user groups page of Captivate Prime. This issue is fixed.

Learner transcript

Attribute values of active fields were displayed incorrectly in learner transcripts for Certifications. This issue is fixed. 

Multi-account sharing

In a scenario where an account administrator shared a course catalog with the receiver and updated test out or pre-work module later, pre-work or test out module content used to play in content module for the receiver. This issue is fixed. 

Themes and branding

When an Administrator changes a theme to the application using Live preview widget and switches his/her role, the Live preview widget was not functioning as expected in a new role. This issue is fixed. 

Multi-language support

When an Administrator changes the Locale of the application to Chinese Simplified or Spanish, some of the menu content in the left pane, online instructions and pop-up messages were not displayed in meaningful words or sentences. This issue is fixed. 

Fluidic player

  • When an author creates a course with AICC or Tin Can content and tries to preview the content, the content was not played. This issue is fixed. 
  • Module preview was not functioning while creating a course or while editing the course by an author. This issue is fixed. 


When a learner tries to access catalogs/learning programs URL directly in the browser, it used to get redirected to courses. This issue is fixed. 

Salesforce integration

  • After establishing a Salesforce or FTP connection, in Map Attributes page the drop-down arrows for the fields were not displayed in IE, Edge and Safari browsers. Also, some of the pop-up messages were not displayed in the workflows. This issue is fixed. 
  • In some cases, when an Administrator tries to sync the .csv imported data in FTP connector, the sync used to fail with replicated entries. This issue is fixed. 

API Layer

  • When an Administrator authorizes the external learner using OAuth authentication, sometimes the external learners were not able to log in to the application. This issue is fixed.
  • Sometimes, when there is an API call for learner Job Aids, unauthorized access error used to display. This issue is fixed. 


In data sources page, when an auto schedule time is set and saved, sometimes it reverts to the old state. This issue is fixed. 

User group reporting

User group values in filter were not being populated when report type is chosen as Custom. This issue is fixed. 

Adobe Connect integration

Inappropriate heading title used to appear for Adobe Connect integration after completing the connection successfully. The page heading text is corrected. 


Sometimes, even if 'show data for current values' option is selected, the latest data was not shown in the reports. This issue is fixed.

Update 18

Release date: July 31, 2016. 

New features and enhancements

For a list of new features and enhancements in Captivate Prime July release, refer to What's New.

Some of the enhancement features are listed below for your reference. 

Learner transcript

Captivate Prime provides you a feature to generate transcripts for your organization's Captivate Prime learners. For more information, refer to Learner Transcripts feature help content

Export badge as PDF

Captivate Prime allows you to export your badges as PDF files. For more information, refer to Badges feature content

Quiz score for modules

You can add quiz score for Classroom, Virtual classroom and activity modules. 

Add users

  • You can move learners from one self registration group to another group. 
  • You can move users from one external group to another external group. 
  • You can make a user of external group as Manager of the same external group. 
  • After adding an external user group to Captivate Prime, you can also pause the external users registration process. At any point in time, you can always revoke the blockage (pause) by choosing a Resume option.
  • Now, you can edit the name and email id of learners.


Learners can also unenroll themselves from the learning objects such as course, learning program or certification. However, learner cannot un-enroll from a learning object after completing a learning object. 

Consuming learning objects

Now, Administrators can mark a learning activity of learners as complete. 


  • You can subscribe to course, learning program or certificate reports. You can also subscribe to individual course reports for data like quiz score and learner status. The subscriptions will be delivered to your email ID as registered in Captivate Prime account. You can also change this email id.  
  • When you export Certification enrollment report, a new column named Due Date is also exported. This column data enables Administrators to know the learners who missed their learning object consumption deadlines. 

Email templates

Now, you can edit the header of email templates. 

Update 17

Release date: June 15, 2016.

Issues fixed

Add users

When there are large number of Captivate Prime users, there was a delay in loading users and user groups page. This issue is fixed. 

Create user groups

In some instances, user count was not displayed in default user groups page of Captivate Prime. This issue is fixed.

Update 16

Release date: June 10, 2016.

Issue fixed

Some customers faced problems in using Single sign-on feature in Captivate Prime. This issue has been fixed by referring Captivate Prime's entityId to a URL (https://captivateprime.adobe.com) instead of a keyword. Captivate Prime conforms to SAML 2.0 specification. 

Update 15

Release date: May 25, 2016


Certifications/Learning programs

  • In the learners enrollment list for Certifications and Learning programs, full name (first and last names) of learners is displayed. Earlier, only first name of the learners used to appear.
  • Skills with highest level credits are considered from the list of courses in certifications/learning programs and displayed on cards as certification/learning program skill. If there are multiple courses with same credits value, then they are picked up in alphabetical order. Earlier, the skill names for certification/learning programs were considered randomly from a list of respective courses.

Import CSV

For auto upload feature of CSV using FTP, Administrators receive e-mail notifications if there is any failure in the CSV upload.

Add external partners

When external learners visit the registration page using an external profile URL, the name of external profile is displayed in the registration page for better identification. 

Issues fixed

Preview and publish courses

  • In author role, when you preview a course which was uploaded from Captivate as a SCORM+SWF content with $$cpQuizInfoStudentName$$ variable, null value was displayed for variable. This issue is fixed. 
  • When a Presenter course with title containing apostrophe (') is published and viewed in Captivate Prime, question marks (???) used to appear in TOC. This issue is fixed. 


  • If a certification is associated with a catalog and when the certification recurs, it appears in all the associated catalogs. Earlier, there were some instances where users could not view the recurring certifications in their catalogs. 
  • While creating certifications, if an administrator enters the days to complete value which is greater than or equal to validity period of the certification, a warning message appears. Earlier, the warning message was not shown to the administrators. 
  • The certification validity is displayed to users in terms of months. Earlier, the base value was appearing in terms of years.

Define learning programs

The deadline does not appear for default learning program instances. Earlier, a pre-defined deadline used to appear which may not be relevant to users. 

Create courses using modules

  • When an author updated a module of a blended course, the attendance page did not appear in administrator role. This issue is fixed. 
  • When a course instance name contains colon (:), the export action for learners list failed. This issue is fixed. 

Update 14

Release date: May 04, 2016



When a learner accesses catalog, the default focus shifts across tabs based on the availability of learning objects, in the following order: 1. Courses 2. Programs 3. Certifications and 4. Job Aids. For example, if the courses are not available in Courses tab for that learner, the focus shifts to the next learning object which is Programs if there are learning programs. 

Account settings

A feedback option is provided in the confirmation dialog of Account de-activation when an Administrator chooses to de-activate an account. 

Issues fixed

Export reports

  • Export of learners list used to fail when a large set of users are enrolled in a learning program. This issue is fixed. 
  • When a course has two instances with same name and the name of the instance is long, two worksheets were not created in the exported excel file. This issue is fixed.

Bulk enrollment

When a large number of learners are enrolled to learning objects such as learning programs, courses, certifications, job-aids and learning plans, the enrollment used to fail. This issue is fixed. 

Update 13

Release date: April 20, 2016

Issues fixed

Create courses using modules

When a module content with long file name is uploaded, there were issues with appearance of buttons. Also, the module upload and delete options didn't work as expected. This issue is fixed. 

Import CSV

As per the request from US customers, the FTP CSV auto upload time has been changed from midnight GMT to midnight PST. 

Export reports

Export of enrollment data used to fail if one of the enrolled learners is deleted after consuming the course. This issue is fixed. 

E-mail templates

  • The word partners, which was used to represent external groups, is removed from e-mail templates body and title. External groups are not necessarily called partners.
    Note: This updated template does not appear if the default template is modified already. To view the updated template click Revert to Original in Template Preview dialog. 
  • The URL is not clickable in the e-mail received by Administrators whenever Profile Created(Self-Registration) and Profile Created(External/Partners) email templates are edited. This issue is fixed.

Update 12

Release date: April 07, 2016


Job Aids

Create Job Aids using a URL. You can mention just a URL name in Job Aid creation workflow and create Job Aid if you want to use any existing online content as a Job Aid. 

Add learners

Editing of single user's data such as name, e-mail, profile, and Manager's name is allowed. All the corresponding user groups are updated with the latest user data. 

Export reports

Manager name, learning object name, and user-defined non-unique value columns from CSV are added to the exported learners list for learning objects. Earlier, only the basic data of learners such as name, date, e-mail and status used to appear. 

Add external partners

Captivate Prime application does not allow external learners to log into the application after their account is expired. External partners can view their account status in the application. 


You can renew certifications in terms of months by mentioning the value in Validity field. Earlier, the certification renewal was allowed only in terms of years. 

Issues fixed


In Administrator login, pagination was not working in Announcements page. This issue is fixed. 

Learning programs and plans

  • When a learner tries to skip an ordered course module in a learning program, an error message was not displayed. This issue is fixed now. An error message Can't skip modules appears. 
  • Courses were not being added to learning programs whenever pagination is used on the course list. This issue is fixed. 
  • Retired tab was appearing twice in Learning programs > instances. This issue is fixed. 

Job Aids

  • When a learner removes job aids from the Learning tab, Name sorting was not working as expected until the page is refreshed. This issue is fixed. 
  • If a Job Aid is part of multiple courses, the courses were not displayed in the Job Aids list. This issue is fixed. 
  • If a learner zooms the browser in or out, the pagination for Job aids list was not working as expected. This issue is fixed. 

Course taking

  • If a learner zooms the browser in or out, the pagination for courses was not working as expected. This issue is fixed. 

Create skills

In learners login, the skill name tool tip in Skills map was not displaying the full name. This issue is fixed. 

Add external partners

  • A text message has been included in the external users registration page as Users must first register and create a username password for subsequent logins

User notifications

  • When an external learner clicks the Open Notes link in Re-visit course email notification, player opens up but the notes panel was not working. This issue is fixed.  
  • When an external learner tries to open the pre-work or test-out modules using Open Notes link in Re-visit course email notification, notes content was not visible. This issue is fixed. 

Create courses using modules

When an Administrator tries to enroll learners to a blended course that contains expired class room module, the enrollment dialog was not opening up. This issue is fixed.

Export reports

If a question text contains more than 255 characters and enabled for SCORM 1.2 format, then quiz reporting of such questions didn’t work. This issue is fixed. 

Update 11

Release date: March 15, 2016

Issues fixed

Create courses with modules

  • In Administrator login, when you try to create new instance for courses from Retired tab, an error used to occur. This issue is fixed. 
  • In Administrator login of localized content, while enrolling learners to course instance, the actions and enroll screen layouts were distorted. This issue is fixed. 
  • When an author is creating Classroom or Virtual classroom modules, the date calendar's default month used to appear as Jan, 2015. This issue is fixed to reflect the current date by default. 
  • When a course instance name consists of forward or backward slash, the export action of learners list used to fail. This issue is fixed. 


When a learner hovers mouse on a video announcement, the cursor was not changing to a pointed finger as expected. This issue is fixed. 

User notifications

When an external learner clicks the Open Notes link in Re-visit course email notification, it was not working. This issue is fixed now. This link opens up the Player with notes, even when the user is not logged in to Captivate Prime.  

French and German language support

The Help URLs in CSV upload feature were traversing to English help content. This issue is fixed. 

Preview and Publish courses

In author login, when you preview Presenter 10 and 11 TinCan API (SWF/HTML) content, the content was not working. This issue is fixed. 

Customizable emails

The title names in Email templates were not appropriate. The content is updated in these template titles to make them readable.  

Job Aids

In Internet Explorer 11 browser, Job Aid name and icon were appearing as distorted in Author and Administrator's preview. This issue is fixed. 

Update 10

Release date: February 28, 2016.

New features

Job Aids

Job Aids is a repository of training content that is accessible to learners without any enrollment or completion criteria. Learners can refer to these job aids to get assistance for performing any activity or task in an organization. Administrator can track the number of downloads per Job Aid. 

For more information on this feature, refer to Job Aids Help


An announcement is a multimedia message (text, image or video) that an Administrator can craft and broadcast to a defined set of users. Use Announcements to motivate learners to take up trainings and thus build a learning culture.

For more information on this feature, refer to Announcements Help

Tin Can API support

Adobe Captivate Prime supports the Tin Can API (also known as Experience API or xAPI) specification. You can upload and track Tin Can API compatible content similar to how you track SCORM and AICC content.

For more information, contact Adobe support team.

Course sequencing

You can create a learning path by assigning a follow-up course or any learning activity automatically.

Events for learning plans have been updated. Couple of new events have been added. Refer to Learning plans feature for more information.

Notes reminder

If you take any notes while consuming a course, Captivate Prime reminds you after 15 days by sending a notification to review the notes.

Group level gamification

Administrators can define the scope of gamification by changing the scope settings. You can selectively enable gamification among similar profile users, groups or location. Refer to Gamification feature for more information.

French and German language support

Captivate Prime application is available in French and German languages. You can customize the language for feedback, course instances and communication.


There are significant enhancements to the existing features of Captivate Prime. Some of the predominant enhancements are as follows:

Import CSV

If you delete users, you cannot add the same users back into the application again using single user addition. However, you can add back the deleted user using CSV upload process. There are significant changes to the mandatory fields restriction in CSV upload feature. Refer to FAQ on CSV for more information.

Course List view

By default, you can view courses as cards. A list view has been introduced in this release. You can click the triple bar icon adjacent to search field to change the view.

Delete courses

Now you can delete courses at draft and retired stages. Refer to Courses feature for more information. If a learning object is deleted, all of its reporting data also gets deleted. If a course is deleted and if it was part of any other learning object, then an appropriate message appears to the user. 

Learning programs and plans

You can enforce the order in which learners can take up courses within learning programs. You can delete learning programs in draft and retired stages. If a learning object is deleted, all of its reporting data also gets deleted.


You can delete certifications in draft and retired stages. If a learning object is deleted, all of its reporting data also gets deleted.

Course effectiveness rating

In Administrator login, you can export L1 and L3 feedback data for any course. 

Create courses with modules

You can enforce learners to complete pre-requisites before taking up the courses. 

User notifications

Learners get notifications whenever they are self-enrolled to a learning program. 

Classroom Modules (ILT)

You can create classroom courses for a past date. This feature enables the company administrators to feed older classroom courses information also into the Captivate Prime and generate reports. 

Export reports

Learners report has been enhanced. You can view name, e-mail, status of learning object, enrollment criteria, enrollment date, completion date, and start date in the report. 

Add external partners

After enrolling the external learners to Captivate Prime account, you can also downsize the number of learners, if required. However, you cannot downsize the learners beyond the used number of seats. As a workaround, you can delete the registered learners first and then enroll again with the required number of seats. 


Issues fixed

Learners attendance

Attendance sheet in Administrator view displays full name of the employee if it is available. Earlier, only first name of the learner used to appear. 

Learning programs and plans

All the courses in learning programs are displayed in the expected order. Earlier, there were issues in the ordering of courses in a learning program. This issue is fixed. 

Add learners

If an existing self-registered user tries to register again using self-registration process, then an appropriate message appears. The format and the content of the message is fixed. 


If you want the content to identify the time spent by user in consuming content, you can identify it by using a variable, cmi.core.session_time. The variable was not set earlier. This issue is fixed. 

Create courses with modules

Whenever an existing course module is replaced by another module, a new version of it is generated. If the quiz of this new module is exported, an exception used to occur and the quiz report was not generated. This issue is fixed now. 

E-mail templates

The typos in the e-mail templates are fixed. 

Update 9

Release date: February 09, 2016.

Sign Out behavior updated

When users click Sign Out in Captivate Prime, they are now logged out of the Captivate Prime application and also they are logged out of their Adobe IDs.

Update 8

Release date: January 20, 2016.


Customizable e-mails

  • Users can modify the footer section of the E-mail templates. You can customize the footer in an e-mail template with the text of your choice. The customized footer is automatically applied to all types of e-mail templates.

Course taking

  • The resource objects in preview mode of a course are listed one after the other in a new line. Earlier, there were instances where the resources in a course used to appear next to each other in a single line. 

Direct link to learning objects

  • You can access the learning objects (except Certification) using a direct URL. The copy url option is displayed on the tiles of learning objects. Users can click copy url and paste the link in a separate browser page to access the learning object directly. 

Create courses using modules

  • While creating a course, authors can arrange pre-requisite courses in any order. Earlier, this option was not available in Captivate Prime. 
  • Authors can add or delete pre-requisite courses in Published courses. Earlier, this feature was available only to Draft courses.

User registration

  • Users can log in to Captivate Prime without any additional URL verification if their Adobe ID matches Captivate Prime e-mail ID. While adding users into the account, the Administrator of an organization provides the Captivate Prime e-mail ID. 

Create catalog

  • In Administrator role, while creating catalogs using Add learning objects dialog, the retired courses do not appear in the list of courses. 

Other fixes

  • In Administrator role, full name of the learners is displayed in Learners tab. Earlier, only first name of the learner used to appear. 

Update 7

Release date: January 13, 2016.

Issues fixed

Course taking
  • While accessing course contents, the content playbar appears always on the screen. There was an issue earlier with the content playbar as it used to disappear from the screen intermittently. 
  • While accessing course content, if the content has a pop-up dialog that appears prompting users whether they really want to quit or stay on the page, hitting stay on such dialog takes the user back to the content. In some scenarios, clicking the stay button used to take the user out of the course content. 

Other fixes

  • Few issues related to content playback are resolved. 

Update 6

Release date: December 22, 2015


Personal dashboard

  • While accessing courses, catalogs, and learning programs in Administrator and Author roles, the ordering of tabs is changed to Published - Draft - All - Retired. The default selection is Published.

Issues fixed

Course taking

  • In learner role while you are consuming a course, if the player is closed using back button of browser or Backspace key in keyboard, the learning time spent on the course is captured in reports. In some scenarios, there was an issue that this duration was not recorded in reports.

User registration

  • If a user registers a Captivate Prime account using SSO enabled self-registration, the username in the users list appears correctly as per records. There were some instances where the username used to appear incorrectly. 

Create courses using modules

  • When an author duplicates a course, the resource files of the duplicated course can be removed or updated. In some scenarios, users faced issue in updating or removing the resources from duplicated courses. 

Create custom catalog for user group

  • While using Add learning objects dialog in Administrator role, you can filter courses, choose a course, and add using Add button at the bottom of the dialog. In some instances, Add button was not appearing for some users. 

Update 5

Release date: December 11, 2015

Issues fixed

User login

  • When a user tries to log in to Captivate Prime application without using activation link, the error message was appearing in wrong format. This issue is fixed.

App for tablets

  • After installing Captivate Prime in Android or iPhone tablet, browser compatibility messages do not appear. Earlier, a browser compatibility message used to appear for users. This issue is fixed. 

Update 4

Release date: December 09, 2015


Add users

  • In Administrator role, when Administrator registers users or completes adding a single user, a message appears indicating successful completion of the workflow along with the next steps to follow. 
  • When a user tries to log in to Captivate Prime application directly without using the user activation link, an error message appears prompting users to use the activation link. 

Supported browsers

  • If any user accesses Captivate Prime application in unsupported browsers, the user receives an alert with the list of white-listed browsers. 

Issues fixed


  • In Administrator or Manager role, when you create a Report with secondary axis as learning time spent, apply Manager filter, and save the report, the user was unable to download such reports. You can download all types of reports. 

Add users

  • There were some typos in the alert message displayed while enabling external learners in Administrator role. The issue is fixed. 
  • In Administrator role, an appropriate error message appears when Manager field is not properly selected during single user addition. 

User registration

  • Welcome e-mail received by new users highlights the importance of linking Adobe ID with the Captivate Prime ID for successful login. 

Customizable emails

  • When you add multiple learners to the classroom courses which have sessions as attachments, some learners were not receiving e-mail notifications. This issue is fixed. 
  • E-mails to learners regarding learning objects enrollments and other events contain the specific learning object name in the e-mail subject. 

Other fixes

  • The issues related to URL links in e-mail templates are fixed. 
  • Support provided for
    • Publish to Prime
    • Faster content upload support for CP 8 version (CP803 patch is required)

Update 3

Release date: October 26, 2015.


Add users

  • Online Help link provided in Add users > CSV upload dialog for better understanding of the users while uploading the CSV file. 

Fluidic player

  • When you upload Captivate course content with more than 500 MB size, the content was not playing in Fluidic player. This restriction is removed. Currently, the size limit has been changed to 2 GB. 


  • In Administrator role, when a user enters number of learners and clicks Place order, a dialog appears with details about monthly and annual subscription charges per user. 

Issues fixed

Create courses using modules
  • While creating courses with activity modules, authors can choose valid external URLs even if they contain folder paths in the URL. Earlier, the URLs with folder paths were not supported. This issue is fixed.  
  • If the course content is a project which is uploaded with a zip file in Captivate Prime and if that zip file contains folder paths, as Zip>folder>content, this type of content was not supported. This issue is fixed. 

App for tablets

  • When a user tries to download the resource files of a course in Captivate Prime Android app, the resource files were not downloadable. This issue is fixed. 
  • While consuming a course using Fluidic player, when a user records Note and tries to download it from the course later, it was not downloadable. This issue is fixed. 

Update 2

Release date: September 28, 2015


Create courses using modules

  • Captivate Prime application supports uploading of SCORM content even if the version is not mentioned in manifest.xml file. By default, the version is considered as 1.2.  
  • When you upload Captivate course content with more than 500 MB size, the content was not playing in Fluidic player. As part of Update 2, the size limit has been changed to 800 MB.


  • In Administrator role, while purchasing a subscription using credit card, the user can choose the first order starting with 10 learners. The minimum learners required for the first order have been reduced from 100 to 10. 

User registration

  • A URL link to create Adobe ID has been provided in welcome e-mail received by learners after their registration. 

Add users

  • In Administrator role, adding users using CSV upload option directly from Exavault account did not work for some customers. This issue is fixed. 

Issues fixed

Learning programs and plans

  • Learners can be auto enrolled to same learning program as part of multiple learning plans. Earlier there were some exceptions to this workflow. This issue is fixed. 

View leaderboard and badges

  • In learner role, after consuming a course that contains a badge, the badge image was not showing up in learner dashboard's badge map and in the downloaded file. This issue is fixed. 

App for tablets

  • A pop-up appears to indicate learner app availability when learner app url is opened in a browser on android device. 

Other fixes

  • An issue with user account creation due to Akamai net storage support has been resolved. 
  • An issue related to SCORM 1.2 content upload containing a zip file with multiple folders has been resolved. 

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