Learn how to copy and paste assets from Photoshop and edit them in XD.

The quickest way to bring layers or raster images such as icons that need edits is by using Copy and Paste. You can either copy as a bitmap or copy as an SVG from Photoshop.  

Copy and paste bitmap content from Photoshop
Copy and paste an SVG from Photoshop
In Photoshop, select Edit > Copy to select the content on the current layer Right-click the shape or vector layer in Photoshop, click Copy SVG and paste it in XD

Edit images or bitmaps in XD

Want to modify your images or bitmaps from XD? Use Photoshop and XD to modify the assets in Photoshop and update them in real time in XD:

Edit from XD
  • Edit in Photoshop: Double-click to select an image. Right-click the image and select Edit in Photoshop. The image is automatically sent to XD as a flattened bitmap image and all the changes made in Photoshop are immediately reflected back in XD.
  • Copy and paste: You can select a whole image or parts of an image in XD and then paste them on to a Photoshop canvas. Once you have made your changes in Photoshop, you can copy and paste them back into XD.

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"As screen design becomes more advanced, new tools are required to improve design workflows. XD is a perfect companion app to Photoshop that helps speed up your workflow " — Howard Pinsky, SR evangelist for XD. Do watch this video to learn about XD features that work with Photoshop. 

Viewing time: 1 minute. 

You can also download the sample files to try them yourself.

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We've got you covered on how to copy paste designs from Photoshop into XD. Take a step forward and learn how to copy and paste designs from CC library into XD.

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