Learn how to preview prototypes and record interactions using Adobe XD.

After designing your assets or prototypes, you can accurately preview the workflow of your website or app, including screen transitions. During the preview, you can change your designs or prototypes in Adobe XD and preview them in real time.

You can also preview your designs and prototypes on iOS and Android devices using the Adobe XD mobile app. For more information, see Adobe XD on mobile FAQ.

  1. In the Design or Prototype mode, click the Desktop Preview icon.

    The Preview window appears. The Preview window displays the artboard that contains the currently selected objects. If no object is selected, the Preview window opens with the Home artboard first.

    You can Preview the design in full-screen view or regular view. On Mac, to view in full-screen mode, click the Play icon on the upper right of the design. The prototype then expands to fill the entire screen.

  2. (Optional) Click an asset or prototype interaction in XD and make changes if necessary. Notice that the changes are instantly updated in the Preview window.

  3. To close the Preview window, click the close button of the window.

Record interactions in prototypes

Recording prototypes is not supported in Adobe XD on Windows. However, there's a workaround. Press the Windows + G keys and use the native recorder to record the Preview window.

To preview your design or prototype, click the Preview icon. In the Preview window, click Record. If there's an interactive prototype, all interactions in the Preview window, are recorded as a .mp4 file.

To stop recording, click Record again or press Esc. Specify a location to save the .mp4 file.

The recording also stops if:

  • You switch away from the application
  • The preview window does not have focus anymore

If you are facing issues while recording prototype interactions in desktop preview window, see Enable recording on macOS Catalina

Using the Adobe XD mobile app, you can preview your designs and prototypes on iOS and Android devices. Multiple devices can be connected using USB ports on the computer running XD. You can make changes to your designs and prototypes, and simultaneously preview them in real time on all the connected devices. For more information, see Adobe XD on mobile FAQ.