Learn how to add design assets from Adobe XD to Creative Cloud Libraries and access them from other Creative Cloud apps, and vice versa.

XD makes it easy for you and your teams to use assets created in different Creative Cloud applications like Photoshop and Illustrator. Creative Cloud Libraries is designed to enable you to easily share assets between these applications. Creative Cloud Libraries allow you to save content like graphics, images, colors, and text styles in a library, which is synced to your Creative Cloud account.

To use Creative Cloud Libraries, ensure that you are signed in with the same Adobe ID for all the CC apps. 

Use any of these workflows to reuse assets between XD and other Creative Cloud apps such as Photoshop and Illustrator:

Select the asset you want to import Copy and paste your assets into XD
Drag-and-drop the Photoshop or Illustrator asset into the CC Libraries panel or click + in the CC Libraries panel to add the asset.
Click File > Open CC Libraries in XD. Drag-and-drop your Photoshop or Illustrator asset to your Adobe XD project.  Double-click the asset to modify and save your changes.

Reuse assets from XD

Once you created all your reusable colors, character styles and component in your cloud document, you can publish those document assets as a library to reuse them consistently across all your projects.

To publish a library, click Publish as a Library  icon in the top right of your Document Assets panel to open the Libraries manager. Click the publish button to create a library with all the colors, character styles, and components defined in your document. 

  • As the owner of the library, you can choose to share the documents with others so that they can leverage these linked assets. 
  •  As a consumer of the library, you can accept the library invites, preview and accept changes, reuse the shared assets, and seamlessly update them when the owner updates them.  

For more information on using CC Libraries to share assets and design systems, see Work with Creative Cloud Libraries in XD.

Try it yourself

Here is a sample file that you can download to try out the Creative Cloud Library workflow:
Sample file

Learn more

"Since XD is nicely integrated into the Adobe ecosystem, many designers are taking advantage of Creative Cloud libraries to not only store assets that you created in other applications, but to also quickly edit them and keep everything in sync" — Howard Pinsky, SR evangelist for XD.

Watch this video to learn how to add assets to your library from Photoshop and Illustrator and edit them back in their source application.

Viewing time: 2 minutes.

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We've got you started with copy pasting designs from CC library into XD. Take a step forward and learn how to import or open Photoshop designs into XD.

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