Learn how to import or open your existing Photoshop designs in Adobe XD.

Adobe XD has always complemented Photoshop by letting you create your designs in Photoshop and getting them into XD. Here are some ways to get your Photoshop files into XD:

Import Photoshop files into XD
Open Photoshop files in XD

From XD, select File > Import. Imported Photoshop content is placed within the opened XD file.
Drag the Photoshop asset from the browser onto the XD icon on your computer or right-click the asset and Open with > XD. A new XD document is created.

The imported files retain the artboards and layers, you can edit them in XD, wire interactions, and share them as prototypes or design specs.

Try it yourself

Here is a sample file that you can download to try out the import workflow:
Sample file

Learn more

To learn more about importing a Photoshop design into XD, watch this video. 

Viewing time: 1 minute

What's next?

We've got you started with importing assets from Photoshop to XD. Take a step forward and learn how to copy and paste designs from Photoshop into XD.

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