Getting error when publishing a library in Adobe XD? Learn how to fix the error.

This error occurs when your library components have one or more large-sized images, or multiple medium-sized images. Currently, XD and Creative Cloud Libraries don't allow you to publish components with heavy images. Adobe is working to address this limitation.

Error with publishing libraries
Error message for issues with publishing libraries due to components with heavy images


Compress the heavy images within the library components, and publish the library. The error message will list all the components in the library having heavy images. Follow the steps below:

  1. Compress the image using Photoshop:

    1. Right-click the image in the component, and select Edit in Photoshop.
    2. Compress the image.
    Edit in Photoshop on XD
    Click Edit in Photoshop to open the Photoshop app

     Alternatively, you can use any other graphics editing tools to compress the image.

  2. Replace the images in your main components with the compressed ones.

  3. Publish your library.

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