Snapshot View and Snapshot browser

SpeedGrade provides you a Snapshot view that lets you quickly capture and save still images of clips. You can then use these images as reference, or compare to other clips using a split screen.

You can also import TGA images from other applications such as Adobe Photoshop to use as a reference for color corrections and grading. For more information, see Matching a Photoshop grade.

The Snapshot Browser provides an easy way to store and view images that you save. You can later reference and access these images for your color-grading work.

Video tutorial: Using Snapshot Browser to compare shots

Learn to easily save stills of shots in your project and use them as reference images for color grading work.

Using the Snapshot view and Snapshots browser

  1. Position the master playhead on the required clip in your footage, and click the Snapshot icon in the Monitor panel. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Shift+C.

    Turning on the Snapshot view

  2. You can view the snapshot side-by-side on the Monitor view in a splitscreen mode. To turn off the Snapshot View, click the Snapshot icon again.

    Viewing the snapshot on the Monitor view

  3. The saved snapshot is saved as a TGA file along with a JPG thumbnail preview (160x45 pixel). You can view the saved images using the Snapshots browser.

    The Snapshots browser provides a collapsible treeview structure with multiple tab support.

    Snapshots browser

    The snapshots are stored in the following default locations on your computer file system:

    • Mac: /Users/Documents/Adobe/SpeedGrade/7.0/settings/snapshots/
    • Win: C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\SpeedGrade\7.0\settings\snapshots

    You can access the snapshots from these locations to share the images.

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