SpeedGrade workspace

The Adobe SpeedGrade workspace provides a more familiar screen layout for Adobe Premiere Pro users. There is a familiar placement of user interface elements such as the media browser, a redesigned autofit monitor, Look Manager, and integrated grading and mask panes.

The use interface contains a main toolbar and tabs on the upper right of the screen. The tabs are in the sequence of the SpeedGrade workflow: locating your media, grading, rendering, and reviewing the final output.

A. Main Toolbar B. Tabs for each step in the workflow 

Main Toolbar

Icons to open, save, redo, undo are available on the main toolbar in the workspace.

Main Toolbar

A. Open  B. Save C. Undo D. Redo E. Preferences 

Preference settings are available from a pop-up dialog when you select the Preferences icon on the main toolbar.

Media Tab

Click the Media tab to launch the new Media Browser. The Media Browser, formerly called the Desktop view, is the main interface for browsing through, locating, and loading your assets. Thumbnails of the files in the Desktop view are displayed in the Media Browser.

You can adjust the size of the thumbnails using the slider, and watch a quick preview of the video clip within the thumbnail.

Media Browser

Color Tab

Click the Color tab to view the Monitor panel and the Analysis Tools panel.

The Monitor panel lets you quickly scale, match shots, and color-grade your footage using the intuitive user interface. The Monitor panel automatically resizes to show the whole image. You can zoom in and out when required.

The Analysis Tool panel groups together the image analysis tools available in SpeedGrade. To view the Analysis Tool panel, click the arrow on the upper-left corner of the Monitor panel.

Monitor panel

Render Tab

Click the Render tab to access the Output view for rendering out the completed project.


The Output view remains unchanged from the CS6 release.

Result Tab

Click the Result tab to open the folder of the last render session.

Mask and Look panels

The Mask panel is now placed next to the Look panel. WIth the masking and grading tools placed side-by-side, you can now work faster on the mask workflow.

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