Learn how to add media to team projects and use the media management feature.

Add media

A team project consists of metadata and media references that are stored in a database hosted in Adobe’s Creative Cloud. The media used in your team project can be stored in various locations such as a network shared storage, a local hard drive, or via cloud storage synced to your desktop such as Creative Cloud folders, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

To import a media into a team project:

  1. Choose File > Import or use the media browser panel. You can import media from a local drive, a network drive, Creative Cloud, Dropbox, or a Box folder synced on your desktop.

  2. Browse to the folder, select the media you want to add, and select Import from the context menu.

Manage media

Media used in your team project remain on your local machine. Share assets with your team using Creative Cloud assets, network shared storage, or an alternate cloud storage option. If you ever experience any missing media, choose Edit > Team Project > Media Management from the main menu to access the media management tool.

Each collaborator on a team project must have access to their copies of media used in the team project, or the media appears offline. However, collaborators can access media in different locations, as team projects allows for user-specific media mapping. It helps the co-located users using media in network shared storage to collaborate with remote users who access media (likely proxy files) in a different (often cloud-synced) storage location.

  1. Select Edit > Team Projects > Media Management.

    Media management dialog
    Media management dialog
  2. Scroll down to find the missing media.

  3. Select one of the media and click New Media Mapping.

  4. Navigate to the folder location where you have stored the media.

  5. Select the correct media and click Choose.

  6. Repeat the steps for remaining media.

  7. Click Close after you map all the missing media.

  8. The media now appears online and you can begin or continue working.