Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) | Release Notes

Welcome to ColdFusion Builder (2018 release), the IDE which allows you to build and deploy web and mobile applications. 

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Release Highlights

ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) includes the following:

  • Import code profiler data
  • Connect to remote systems
  • Upgraded Eclipse
  • Introduced support for Cordova

For more information, see What's new in ColdFusion Builder (2018 release).



Go through the document before you install Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2018 release)

Your entry point to Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2018 release) documentation.

Bugs fixed in Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2018 release)

Bug ID Components Description
CFB-4198395 Installer: Branding The installer screens for ColdFusion Builder display graphics from the 2016 release.
CFB-4198315 Experience and Design The Start Screen of ColdFusion Builder is outdated.
CFB-4166867 General - IDE If ColdFusion Builder is installed into Eclipse MARS as plugin, you see an error message.
CFB-4130063 Experience and Design On the Server Import dialog, the description is unclear.
CFB-3967783 Server\RDS Support Unable to save server settings when the server name is changed.
CFB-3865087 Editor Features : Dictionary Language changes do not reflect after updates.
CFB-3833130 Editor Features When editing a large file in ColdFusion Builder (stand-alone or Eclipse plugin) with code assist enabled, ColdFusion Builder behaves unexpectedly.
CFB-3800302 Experience and Design Inconsistencies when declaring functions.
CFB-3787600 General - IDE Color coding does not function as expected.
CFB-3772315 Installer The URL displayed in ColdFusion Builder 3 installation resolves to an Adobe error page.
CFB-3751819 Mobile Support Clicking Generate PhoneGap Build behaves unexpectedly and there is no error message.

Known issues in Adobe ColdFusion Builder (2018 release)

  • Installing ColdFusion Builder in non-default location does not work in Ubuntu. As a workaround set the environment variable WT_GTK3=0.
  • The description of tags on the editor is not placed properly.
  • ColdFusion Builder behaves unexpectedly when you cut or delete a chunk of lines from a code, that has more than 8000 lines.
  • On Linux, you may sometimes see the error message, Failed to create the part's control often. As a workaround, restart ColdFusion Builder.
  • When you launch ColdFusion Builder for the first time, the font or icons appear smaller than expected. This is a known Eclipse issue. As a workaround, restart ColdFusion Builder.
  • Code formatting may not work as expected in some cases where a semi-colon as optional and a member function is being used.
  • When you generate IOS release build using Cordova, from ColdFusion Builder, it is not signed by default. Use Cordova commands from the terminal and sign the IOS application. Refer the Cordova documentation for more details.
  • For iOS, release builds do not get generated. The same can be generated by importing the app and provisioning profile to Xcode. The release signed builds for Android also do not get generated.
  • ColdFusion Builder as a plugin to Oxygen does not work as expected. Use Oxygen 4.7.2 or higher.
  • You may encounter errors when installing ColdFusion Builder as a plugin to Eclipse Oxygen.
  • When you run ColdFusion Builder as a plugin, you do not see the launcher. As a workaround, in ColdFusion Builder, open ColdFusion perspective in Eclipse.


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