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Update: For a comparison of features included in Audition 3, CS5.5 and CS6, see this table. For what's new and changed in Audition CS6, see this page.

Adobe Audition CS5.5 brings the best features from Adobe audio products into a single cross-platform package. It focuses on high performance in post-production workflows. Some features in the Windows version of Adobe Audition 3.0 are not available in CS5.5.

The product team is actively soliciting feedback about which features are top customer priorities through a public survey. Adobe also encourages you to submit additional feature requests, which the team regularly reviews when planning future versions.

Tip: For a list of top new features, see What's New in Adobe Audition CS5.5. If you'd like to take advantage of new CS5.5 features without losing functionality from Adobe Audition 3.0, consider installing both versions.

Features replaced with new names

This list indicates where renamed features from Adobe Audition 3.0 can be found in CS5.5. Links to Help provide information about updated functionality.

Editing and playback



Batch processing and file formats

Features not implemented

Editing and interface

  • Shortcut bar
  • Preview in Files panel
  • Command-line playback of audio files
  • Advanced scripting support (in Adobe Audition CS5.5, recordable Favorites address most scripting tasks)
  • Spectral Pan and Spectral Phase views
  • Top and Tail file viewing
  • Appending audio files (in Adobe Audition CS5.5, copy and paste from one file to another)
  • Audition-specific clipboards
  • Find Beats command
  • Add Silence between markers
  • Beat, CD track, CD index, and BWF-J markers


  • CD burning (alternatives include Nero Burning ROM, Roxio Creator or Toast, Windows Media Player, and Apple iTunes)
  • File > Open command for CD tracks on Windows (in Adobe Audition CS5.5, use Extract Audio from CD command)
  • CD database support

Sound generation and recording

  • Tone and noise generation (many common noise and tone types, including DTMF and reference tones are available as free downloads through Resource Central. This link plays a tutorial, advance to 4:46 for a walkthrough of Resource Central.)
  • Timed record mode
  • Loop recording of multiple punch-in takes


  • SMPTE and ReWire synchronization
  • MIDI support
  • Control surface support
  • Recordable track parameter automation (Write, Touch, Latch modes)
  • Default multitrack sessions
  • Session sample rate conversion (in Adobe Audition CS5.5, rate is fixed when you create session)
  • Multitrack input gain (in Adobe Audition CS5.5, adjust via hardware)
  • Clip Duplicate command (in Adobe Audition CS5.5, enable clip looping and drag to create repetitions)
  • Loops that adjust to session tempo and key changes
  • Time-stretching clips
  • Grouped clips (in Adobe Audition CS5.5, manually select multiple clips)
  • Clip > Align commands (in Adobe Audition CS5.5, use snapping)
  • Rejoining split clips
  • Fade Envelope Across Selection command for crossfading clips in separate tracks
  • Insert > Empty Audio Clip command
  • Hidden clips commands
  • Session metronome
  • Session notes


  • Video thumbnails in multitrack sessions
  • Video export

File formats

  • 8 bit signed (*.sam)
  • 64 bit doubles (*.dbl)
  • ASCII Text Data (*.txt) 
  • Audition Loop (*.cel)
  • Audition Session (*.ses) 
    Note: From Adobe Audition 3.0, save sessions in XML format to open them in CS5.5. Note, however, that effects and time-stretching do not transfer.
  • SampleVision (*.smp)
  • Spectral Bitmap Image (*.bmp)
  • Windows Media (*.wmv, *.wma)


  • Effects panel (in Adobe Audition CS5.5, use the Effects Rack and Effects menu)
  • DirectX plug-in support
  • Binaural Auto-Panner
  • Convolution
  • Dynamic Delay
  • Dynamic EQ
  • Doppler Shifter
  • Echo Chamber
  • Envelope Follower
  • Frequency Band Splitter
  • Graphic Panner
  • Graphic Phase Shifter
  • Multitap Delay
  • Pan/Expand
  • Pitch Bender
  • Pitch Correction
  • Pitch Shifter
  • Quick Filter
  • Scientific Filters
  • Stereo Expander
  • Stereo Field Rotate
  • Vocoder
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