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Learn how to update your Creative Cloud apps to the latest version, check for available updates, and more.

Keep your apps updated automatically

The Creative Cloud desktop app auto-update feature helps you update your apps automatically as soon as new versions are released.


If you're installing the Creative Cloud desktop app for the first time, your apps are set to update automatically by default.

  1. In Apps, select the More options icon ( ) next to Installed apps, and then select Manage auto-updates.

    Creative Cloud desktop window showcasing 'Apps' one the left-hand-side menu and 'Manage Updates' on the right
    Options for managing and updating installed applications.


    If your screen looks different, refer to the instructions for the previous version of the Creative Cloud desktop app.

  2. Do one of the following to set automatic updates:

    • All apps: To set automatic updates for all apps, turn on Auto-update.
    • Specific apps: To set automatic updates for specific apps, turn on Auto-update, and then set the toggle as needed for each individual app.
    Set automatic updates
    Select auto-update to stay current with all Creative Cloud developments.

    Previous versions are uninstalled by default but you can opt to keep them using Advanced options. Learn more about Advanced options.

  3. Select Done.

Advanced options for individual apps

Once you enable the Auto-update feature, you get the option to retain or remove a specific version of any app.

  • Import previous settings and preferences: Retains the previous settings and preferences for the updated apps.
  • Remove older versions: Uninstalls the previous versions and saves your hard disk space.
Set advanced options

Unable to auto-update?

Following are some reasons why you can't enable auto-update for your apps:

  • Using macOS 13 Ventura? If you've turned off the Adobe Creative Cloud login item in your macOS System Settings, you can't update your apps automatically. The Creative Cloud desktop app adds login items to support various features, including auto-update. Learn how we use login items.
  • Enterprise or teams customer? If you've received your Adobe plan from a school or organization and if you don't see the above Auto-update option, your admin has turned off auto-updates in your school or organization. If you're an admin in a school or organization, learn how to manage auto-updates for your users.

There can be more reasons why auto-update may not be available. Learn more about some common scenarios.

Update your Creative Cloud apps manually

If you don't want your apps to be automatically updated, you can update them manually with the Creative Cloud desktop app.

  1. Select the Update option displayed next to the app you wish to update.

    Update all apps
    This will update your desired apps.

Can I schedule an update for later?

Yes, you can schedule your app update for a later time. Open the Creative Cloud desktop app hover over the Update option for your desired app. Then select Later. You get a confirmation message that your app will be updated when it's no longer in use. Your app also starts showing up in the Scheduled updates section of the Updates screen. The Creative Cloud desktop app will attempt to update your app later when the app isn't running. To view step-by-step detailed instructions, see Schedule Creative Cloud app updates for later.

Note that your app will update only when it is not in use. If it is already in use when the Creative Cloud desktop app attempts to update it, you get the following prompt to close any open programs to continue with the update.

Schedule app update
Option to schedule an update for later.

Update all your apps at once

If you want to update all your apps at once, open the Creative Cloud desktop app and select Update all in the upper-right of the Updates section. Save your work and close all Adobe apps before you begin. If Adobe apps are open, you may receive a warning to close them. For more help, see Close conflicting processes or applications.

Update all apps
Update all apps simultaneously.


We don't recommend using the Update all option if you want to retain the older version of the apps.

Check for the latest updates

  1. Select the More options icon ( ) next to Installed apps and then select Check for updates.

    Creative Cloud desktop window showcasing the More icon followed  by 'Check for updates' option
    Check for the latest updates.

  2. In the Updates screen, you can see all the apps that need to be updated. Update the apps you want.

Update your Creative Cloud desktop app

When updates are available, the Creative Cloud desktop app gets automatically updated. Alternatively, you can install the latest version of the Creative Cloud desktop app manually.


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