FAQ | Adobe Express free trial

If you have a Adobe Express free trial version or are interested in starting a trial, read through this document to find answers to all your questions.

For more details about the complete features in each available plan, visit adobe.com/express/pricing.

The free trial applies only to plans signed up for on the web and mobile using express.adobe.com, adobe.com, or through a phone agent.

To learn more about the free trial and sign up, visit adobe.com/express/pricing.

The free trial gives you access to the full set of paid features available in a Premium plan. For more information on the features you can unlock with a paid subscription, see www.adobe.com/express/pricing.

You may install and use the NFR Version only for the period and purposes stated when we provide the NFR Version. You must not use any materials you produce with the NFR Version for any commercial purposes.

After your free trial ends, your paid subscription begins and you will be billed using the payment method used at sign-up.

If you cancel before your free trial ends, you won't be charged.  You will retain access to the Adobe Express Free plan and any projects you created during the free trial, however, you will no longer have access to premium features.

Your free trial will convert to a paid subscription of either the monthly or annual plan (based on the option you selected on signup).

You can cancel up to 14 days after your subscription begins for a full refund.

For more information:

No, Adobe Express will keep all your projects and brand assets associated with your email address. Your account will change from a Premium plan to a Free Plan account. However, as a free account, you will not be able to open or edit projects that contain premium assets like premium fonts, images, or templates. Also, you will not be able to access your custom brand or access other premium features. Once you resubscribe to a paid subscription, all your premium and brand assets will become available again.

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