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Adobe Express free trial FAQ

  1. Adobe Express User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. Adobe Express overview
    2. What's new in Adobe Express
    3. Adobe Express system requirements
    4. Adobe Express keyboard shortcuts
    5. Adobe Express FAQ
    6. Known issues in Adobe Express
    7. Adobe Express free trial FAQ
    8. Progressive Web App
    9. Add the Adobe Express browser extension
  3. Create and edit graphics, photos, and videos
    1. Work with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator creative assets
    2. Import and enhance PDFs in Adobe Express
    3. Getting started with Adobe Express templates
    4. Create a new template from scratch
    5. Create a web page using Adobe Express
    6. Add multiple pages in Adobe Express
    7. Create a video using Adobe Express
    8. Find and submit Adobe Stock Content ID
    9. Animate texts and photos using Adobe Express
    10. Import color themes from Adobe Color
    11. Translate files and templates
    12. Work with layers
  4. Backgrounds
    1. Add a background image to your design
    2. Remove backgrounds for videos with ease
    3. Replace page backgrounds from images          
  5. Generative AI
    1. Generate an image from text using generative AI
    2. Generate text effects using generative AI
    3. Insert or replace objects in an image with Generative fill
    4. Remove objects from an image using Generative fill
    5. Generate editable templates using Text to template (Beta)
  6. Create and manage brands
    1. Create a brand
    2. Manage shared brands
    3. Custom fonts
    4. Creative Cloud Libraries
  7. Content Scheduler
    1. Content Scheduler overview
    2. Connect social media accounts
    3. Schedule and publish social media posts
    4. Media specifications for social media posts
  8. Quick Actions
    1. Resize image using Quick Actions
    2. Remove background from images using Quick Actions
    3. Convert file format of images using Quick Actions
    4. Crop an image using Quick Actions
    5. Animate a character from audio
    6. Add captions to videos using Quick actions 
    7. Trim videos using Quick Actions
    8. Resize a video using Quick Actions
    9. Convert to GIF from a video using Quick Actions
    10. Convert videos to MP4 using Quick Actions
    11. Crop a video using Quick Actions
    12. Merge videos and images using Quick Actions
    13. Convert to or from PDF using Quick Actions
    14. Edit PDF text and images using Quick Actions
    15. Combine files into a single PDF using Quick Actions
    16. Organize Pages into a single PDF using Quick Actions
    17. Generate QR code using Quick Actions
    18. Quick Actions FAQ
  9. Publish and share
    1. Collaborate and comment in Adobe Express
    2. Host a project using Adobe Express
    3. Copy files between accounts
    4. Privacy and permissions
  10. Adobe Express on mobile
    1. Adobe Express for iOS
    2. Disabling of remixable links in Adobe Express FAQ
    3. Adobe Express for Android
    4. Manage Adobe Express subscriptions on iOS
    5. Manage Adobe Express subscriptions on Android
    6. Manage Adobe Express subscriptions on Samsung Galaxy Store
  11. Adobe Express for Education
    1. Draw with brushes
    2. Adobe Express for Education FAQ
    3. Adobe Express for Education Teachers FAQ
    4. Adobe Express for Education Students FAQ
    5. Adobe Express for Education onboarding FAQ

If you have an Adobe Express free trial version on an Individual plan or are interested in starting a trial, read through this document to find answers to all your questions.

For more details about the complete features in each available plan, visit

Which Adobe Express plans have a free trial?

The free trial is available for plans signed up via the web using,, the Adobe Express mobile app, or through a phone agent. 

How do I sign up for the free trial?

You can sign up for a free trial via the web using,, the Adobe Express mobile app, or through a phone agent.

What is included in the Adobe Express free trial?

The free trial gives you access to the full set of paid features available in a Premium plan. For more information on the features you can unlock with a paid subscription, see

Are materials produced with NFR Version eligible for commercial purposes? 

You may install and use the NFR Version only for the period and purposes stated when we provide the NFR Version. You can't use any materials you produce with the NFR Version for commercial purposes.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

Your paid subscription begins after your free trial ends, and you'll be billed using the payment method used at sign-up.

You won't be charged if you cancel before your free trial ends.  You'll retain access to the Adobe Express Free plan and any files you created during the free trial. However, you'll no longer have access to premium features such as Erase and Resize.

How much does Adobe Express cost after the trial period?

Your free trial will convert to a paid subscription of either the monthly or annual plan (based on the option you selected on signup).

You can cancel up to 14 days after your subscription begins for a full refund.

For more information:

 Will I lose any of my work by canceling my current subscription plan?

No. Adobe Express will keep all your files and brand assets associated with your email address. Your plan will change from a Premium plan to a Free plan.

With the Adobe Express Free plan, you won’t be able to export files that contain premium assets, including premium fonts, images, or templates. Also, you won’t be able to access your custom brand or other premium features.

Once you resubscribe to the premium version of Adobe Express, all your premium and brand assets will become available again.

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