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Adobe ended the Adobe Story CC service on January 22, 2019. Both Adobe Story CC and the Adobe Story CC (Classic) are discontinued. The Adobe Story CC offline application has also ended. See End of service FAQ for more information.

Work with scripts

When working with scripts, you can use the Scene Properties panel to view all the properties of the scene.


The Scene Properties panel is not available for free form documents, AV scripts, and multicolumn scripts.

  • In the Authoring view, select View > Scene properties panel.


The following properties are populated from the script itself and are not editable in the Scene Properties panel: INT / EXT, Day / Night, Set, and Duration.

Scene Properties panel has the following features:

  1. Change Scene Time dialog: When you click in the time paragraph in a script, Story displays the Change Scene Time dialog. In the Change Scene Time dialog, you can edit Day/Night, Story Day, Date, and Time of Day.

  2. Previous and Next scene arrows: By clicking the arrows next to the scene number, you can move between scenes.

  3. Detect non speaking characters: The Detect button in the characters property detects the non speaking characters in the selected scene.

  4. Edit running time and Time of the day for Scenes: Click Edit next to Running Time of a scene to assign shot duration. Click Edit next to the Time of Day to assign the time of the day and the specific story day of the scene.

  5. Select Studio/Location: You can now change the location of the scene from the Scene Properties panel.

  6. Shot list: The Shots property in the Scene Properties panel displays a list of all the camera shots in the scene. When you double click an entry in the list, the Camera Shot dialog appears with the relevant camera shot’s properties in it. Also the editor scrolls to the place where that particular shot is present. You can edit the shot properties in the Camera Shot dialog.

TC (Time Continuous) suffix with TOD in the TV script

Available for: All Story customers

Beginning the April 2014 release of Story, you can append T/C (Time Continuous) after the TOD (time of day) in a TV script to denote that the story time is continuous from the previous scene.

To append T/C after the TOD, do the following:

  1. Click anywhere in the line where the TOD is present to launch the Change Scene Time dialog.
  2. Select the Time Continuous option.

If you have a FinalDraft script containing T/C in the scene heading, Story recognizes it as a T/C suffix if you import it as a UK Screenplay (TV) 3 [Beta] TV script in Story. The scene heading format to follow in FinalDraft is as follows:

INT. SETNAME - DAY [17.00 T/C]

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