Adobe RoboHelp 11.0.3 ReadMe

This document provides information on the following issues resolved in the latest RoboHelp update 11.0.3:

  1. When creating a Frameset, if the unit for the width and height is set to percent, the resultant Frameset in the RoboHelp project is created with pixel units.

    (Ref# 3790782)

  2. If the following table layouts are used in a topic, the output table does not display as table displays in the RoboHelp layout:

    • AlternateGreenRowsIstRowCol
    • AlternateGreyRowsBlueIstRowColumn

    (Ref# 3800092)

  3. When using the HTML5 editor to control string values for variables in JavaScript, the values are written without quotes.

    (Ref# 3800115)

  4. A user is unable to view URLs from the RoboHelp URL node in the Project Manager.

    (Ref# 3800159)

  5. Importing a FrameMaker document containing UserString into RoboHelp causes

    RoboHelp to crash.

    (Ref# 3800164)

  6. In the output, a character style defined in a FrameMaker document is defined in the CSS inline style attribute as well as the CSS class attribute. The inline style attribute then overrides the class attribute.

    (Ref# 3800165)

  7. In the online help, the successful search for a word with a trailing space in a table breaks the table alignment.

    (Ref# 3800166)

  8. The topic preview pop-up does not display on Internet Explorer 11.

    (Ref# 3803207)

  9. If the Responsive HTML5 output is viewed in Firefox, clicking on the items in the Table of Contents takes users to incorrect locations.

    (Ref# 3800102)

  10. While viewing customized Responsive HTML5 output, the JavaScript exception showHideButton being undefined occurred.

    (Ref# 3800111)

  11. The Show text link in the Theme2_Government template flashed on and off if a new topic is selected in the table of contents.

    (Ref# 3800112)

  12. A performance issue is encountered when a FrameMaker document containing a large number of images or multimedia is imported into RoboHelp.

    (Ref# 3800147)

  13. A user is unable to force an external link on a TOC to open in a new window or tab in the Responsive HTML5 output.

    (Ref# 3804701)

  14. The products RoboHelp, Captivate, and FrameMaker do not require a separate Technical Communication Suite license to perform any interoperability functions.

    (Ref# 3800094)

  15. The SCALABLE Captivate HTML5 and .swf outputs do not reflow in the Responsive HTML5 output.

    (Ref# 3800105)

  16. If multiple RoboHelp projects are used to create a single merge output, hitting the Home button does not cause the browser to navigate back to the merged home page. Instead, the browser navigates back to the home page of the current project.

    (Ref# 3800120)

  17. The Responsive HTML5 output now uses an iFrame to improve performance and user experience.

    (Ref# 3800141)

  18. If a FrameMaker document contains images that are defined on the reference pages of the document, these images are seen on the output.

    (Ref# 3800160)

  19. FrameMaker crashes in the publish output work-flow if the document contains a.image file.

    (Ref# 3800167)

  20. If the topics in a project are not included in the table of contents, the topics appear at the end of the ebook output and not in the order in which they are placed in the project.

    (Ref# 3800170)

  21. RoboHelp crashes when a user attempts to create a new CSS if an existing CSS is opened in the HTML editor.

    (Ref# 3800174)

  22. Deleting the old TOC, index, or glossary after setting new TOC, index or glossary crashes RoboHelp.

    (Ref# 3801872)

  23. When using the Output Generator with Glossary Restyling > Popup Option, some glossary entries do not get converted to pop-ups in the generated Webhelp and continue to appear in the default expanded text format.

    (Ref# 3809621)

  24. When running RoboHelp from the command line, a user is unable to generate Responsive HTML5 output.

    (Ref# 3816170)

  25. Responsive layout data is saved to the %appdata% folder. In this case, the user needs to delete this folder every time the layout is updated.

    (Ref# 3767844)

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