Adobe Drive 4.0.1 Release Notes

This document contains late-breaking product information, updates, and troubleshooting tips not covered in the Adobe Drive documentation. For an overview of the installation requirements and features introduced in Adobe Drive 4, see the previous Release Notes at:

Fixes and improvement in this release

Adobe Drive 4.0.1 provides fixes and improvements in integration with other Adobe products, such as Adobe Bridge and InDesign. Key fixes and improvements include the following:

  • [In Mac OS] You can now place a file into an InDesign or Illustrator document by dragging the file from the Content pane in Adobe Bridge and dropping into the document. [3223283]
  • The Adobe Drive check-in dialog now appears as expected when saving a document from InCopy CS6. [3223485]
  • The "Check in" menu item is now properly enabled after closing, reopening, and editing an ICML file in InCopy. [3219095]
  • Adobe Drive dialogs now conform to the default theme color for InDesign CS6. [3196615]
  • The Date Created and Date Modified fields now show the correct values after you edit metadata in Adobe Bridge. [3204620]
  • When you do not have read permissions for an Adobe CQ DAM server instance, the error message is now more informative. [3183325]
  • Improved stability for continuous check-in. [3226544]

For the latest updates on known issues, go to: