It's easy to upgrade your Creative Cloud storage plan.

How to upgrade your storage plan?

  1. Sign in to your Adobe ID account with your Adobe ID and password, or with your social (Facebook or Google) account.
  2. Under Plans & Products, click Manage Plan.

    Manage plan
  3. Under Plan Details, click Switch Plan.

    You can also view details of your current plan.

    Switch plan


    Don't see the Switch Plan link? Contact us to upgrade your plan.

  4. On the Switch Plan page, choose from the available plans and storage options. 

    Choose storage option
    Choose the plan and storage option that best suits your need.

    If you have the Creative Cloud All Apps plan, click the right arrow on the screen. Then choose your storage option in the Creative Cloud All Apps plan. 

    Right arrow
    More storage for Creative Cloud All Apps plan


    Storage can't be upgraded for single-app plans. 

  5. Click Choose this plan, and then follow the onscreen instructions. 

If you have a mobile-only plan...

If you have a mobile-only plan—for example, if you've been using Lightroom only on your mobile device so far—you can get more storage by upgrading to another plan. For example, you can upgrade to the Lightroom CC plan with 1TB storage. For information on how to upgrade your plan, see the previous section: How to upgrade your storage plan

If you don't see an option to upgrade your storage...

If you do not see an option to upgrade your storage plan on your accounts page, contact us to upgrade your storage plan.

If you purchased your plan with a redemption code...

If you purchased your plan from a retailer or an Adobe reseller, you would have received a redemption code.

Additional storage is currently not available for plans purchased with a redemption code. However, this facility may become available soon. Meanwhile, to add storage, purchase the Lightroom CC plan (1 TB) or the Photography plan (1 TB). To purchase these plans, visit the Creative Cloud plans page.

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