Using Stop Meeting to control meeting length


Adobe Connect Pro Meeting administrators and presenters control the length of meetings using the Stop Meeting menu item. This can be an unfamiliar feature, however, and presenters may instead have the following questions:

  • Why are participants locked out of a meeting?
  • Why do meetings last longer than expected (everyone leaves the meeting, yet the meeting is still available)?
  • Why might usage minutes (on a Pay-Per-Use plan) continue to accrue even after a meeting ends, and how can this be prevented?

How Stop Meeting works

The Stop Meeting feature allows a presenter to both start and stop a meeting. This feature is especially valuable for customers on the Pay-Per-Use plan.

The following statements reflect the characteristics of the Stop Meeting feature:

  • Participants cannot join a meeting if a presenter has chosen the Stop Meeting option in a Adobe Connect Pro meeting.
  • If participants are already in a meeting when a presenter chooses the Stop Meeting option, all participants are forced out of the meeting.
  • Presenters are not forced out of the meeting, but one presenter can force the other presenters out of the meeting by making them participants or by ending the meeting.
  • Unless the Stop Meeting or End Meeting option is chosen, the meeting will remain open and will continue to count towards usage minutes (on a Pay-Per-Use plan).
  • After choosing Stop Meeting, the Host or Presenter will remain in the meeting room, and meeting charges will continue until all individuals, including them, have completely exited the room. Lock out participants to prevent re-entry.

How to use the Stop Meeting feature

Once you have logged in to Adobe Connect Pro and defined the settings for the meeting, enter the meeting room as the meeting time approaches.

  1. From the Present menu at the top of the Adobe Connect Pro window, choose Stop Meeting

  2. You will see a Stop Meeting dialog box, in which you can specify the message meeting participants will see if they attempt to enter the meeting while it is locked. The default messaging will appear if you do not change the message. Click the Lock Out Participants button after reviewing the message to actually stop the meeting.

    Note: No participants will be able to join the meeting after clicking this button. Instead, they will see a screen with the message you specified for the participants. The meeting usage minutes do not begin until you enter the meeting room again yourself or turn this feature off.
  3. Once you are ready to begin the meeting, choose Stop Meeting from the Present menu again, or click the lock icon.

    If you click the lock icon, you will see an alert that the meeting is locked as well as a link allowing you to turn the Stop Meeting feature off.

  4. After your meeting is completed, choose the Stop Meeting option again from the Present menu.
    • Stop the Meeting: If you click the Lock out Participants button, the meeting will stop and participants will be forced out of the room. This will end your usage minutes for this meeting. If the meeting has multiple presenters, select the other presenters in the Participant List pod, then click the arrow in the top left corner of the pod. From the pop-up menu, choose Remove Selected. You must then exit the meeting yourself to end your usage minutes for this meeting.

    • End the Meeting: If you click the End Meeting button, all participants and presenters will be forced out of the meeting. This will end your usage minutes for this meeting.

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