By using the Microsoft Lync add-in, you can quickly and easily schedule meetings with employees, customers, partners, investors, suppliers, and others who have access to your network.

Install the Add-in

Download the Lync installer from the Downloads and Updates page. Run the installer and follow the instructions to install the add-in. You may be required to download additional software to complete the installation.

Deploy the Add-in

Enterprise administrators have the option to use an MSI file to deploy the add-in to enterprise environments through MS SMS, System Center Configuration Manager, or other standard deployment tool that supports distribution through an MSI.

There are two configuration options that can be pre-configured by the administrators:

  1. The FQDN of the Adobe Connect server to which users connect. When users open the add-in for the first time, this information is pre-defined.
  2. A setting to restrict or permit (default setting) the user to change the server connection information once the add-in is installed.

Deploying the add-in for Microsoft Lync and MOC

System requirements and compatibility are listed below:

  • Microsoft Lync 2013 (Lync Server and Lync Online)
  • Microsoft Lync 2010 (Lync Server and Lync Online)

An administrator is required to define all of the system requirements on target machines before proceeding with installation. Also, two configuration options must be configured before installation, both of which are in the setup.ini file.

Follow these steps to configure the setup.ini file:

  1. Open the file in Notepad. Notice two configuration lines under the [admin] section. By default their values are ‘’ for server, and ‘false’ for change.
  2. Change these values as follows and save the file.
  • Enter the Adobe Connect server URL for ‘server’.
  • Define true or false for ‘change’: true if the user is permitted to change the server address in the add-in after installation; false if the user will not be permitted to change the server address information in the add-in after installation.


Note: Setup.ini file must be placed in the same folder where the MSI file resides.

Configure your Add-in

The first time you start Microsoft Lync after installing the Adobe Connect Add-in for Microsoft Lync and restarting your system, the add-in checks the Microsoft Lync and Adobe Connect preferences for an existing Adobe Connect server URL, login and password. If this information is not found, it must be configured to use the add-in.

  1. Start Microsoft Lync. The Adobe Connect Add-in Preferences window appears
  2. Enter your login and password information
  3. Enter the complete URL for your server, beginning with “http://”; for example, “”
  4. If you want to connect to your Adobe Connect server using SSL, you need to check the “Always connect using SSL” checkbox.
  5. Click “Validate Server” to validate your Adobe Connect server, login and password information.
  6. You will receive a green checked mark if your information is successfully validated or a green unchecked mark if validation failed.
  7. Next, configure your default meeting room. Click the “Edit” button beside the Instant Room field.
  8. The “Meeting Rooms” window appears.
  9. Select the meeting room you wish to use for your Adobe Connect instant meetings, and click
  10. “Set as Instant Meeting Room” and then click OK.
  11. Click OK to close the Preferences window.

You can configure your Adobe Connect Information by opening the Adobe Connect Preferences window anytime in one of the following ways.

  • From the Tools > Adobe Connect Add-in Options main drop down menu.
  • Right click the Adobe Connect tray icon, and then select “Adobe Connect Lync Add-in Options”.

Invite contacts to Adobe Connect meetings from the Add-in

You can invite a person or several persons from your Microsoft Lync contact list to Adobe Connect meeting in one of the following ways:

  • Select one contact, several contacts, or a contact group in the Microsoft Lync contact list and right click the selection. A Pop-up menu appears that includes the “Meet Using Adobe Connect” option.A new IM window appears with the invitation text and a HTML link with the default meeting room URL.
  • Select one contact, several contacts, or a contact group, and drag and drop the selection to the Add-in Toolbar located below the Microsoft Lync contact list. A new IM window appears which includes the meeting invitation text and an HTML link to your default meeting room.
  • In Lync, if you are already chatting with a person or several persons, you can invite your correspondents by opening the drop down menu and selecting the “Meet Using Adobe Connect” option.

Join a Meeting room

  • Once an invitation is sent on the chat window, both sender and the invite can click on the meeting URL pasted in the chat window to launch and join the Adobe Connect meeting room.
  • A new option for meeting hosts is provided which launches their meeting room in background as soon as they invite any user in their contact list. The meeting URL is launched in the default browser only for the host. The invitees still need to click the URL in the chat window. This option is to be set in the preference menu of the Add-in.

Security considerations

Secured connectivity using SSL is supported between the add-in and Connect server. Systems not using SSL are also able to make the connection. Local data is stored securely; passwords are always encrypted.

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