Creating video collage

Collages are creative way to share your memories and tell the story at once. Photo Collages are the most popular creations in this category and we are now bringing you Video Collage in Premiere Elements. However, it is not limited to video memories - you can use your photos and videos to create fun and animated video collages. Choose from a list of templates and quickly put together your memories to share with your family and friends.

Create a video collage

Add media and select a template

  1. To create a video collage, do one of the following:

    • Elements Organizer: Select the media you want to include in the collage and then select Create > Video Collage. 
    • Premiere Elements: Select Create > Video Collage and then select the media you want to include in the collage.
    Create Video Collage from Premiere Elements or Elements Organizer

  2. Select a layout from the list of templates. Each template is a unique combination of number of grids and effect applied on those grids. For example, you can select a template with 3 grids and Slide In effect or a template with 5 grids and Rotate effect.
    Hover the mouse over a template to see the name of the effect, click to see the preview.

    Grid 3 templates

  3. Add media, that you want to use in your video collage, to Media bin. You can add photos and videos from Elements Organizer as well as from your computer's hard drive.

    Elements Organizer Select Elements Organizer as the media source to open the Organizer window within Video Collage workspace. Select the media you want to add and click Add Files.

    Files and folders Select Files and folders to choose and add media from your computer's hard drive. 

    Add media from Elements Organizer

  4. Drag and drop media from Media bin to the collage. You can preview the media in the Media bin before adding them to the collage. You can also drag media directly from organizer to the collage.  

    Add photos and videos

    A. Preview video B. Preview image 

  5. Customize the video collage by using contextual controls.

    Video Collage


    The default effect on an image is pan & zoom.

Customize video collage

A. Resize handles B. Pan/Move tool C. Zoom slider D. Delete E. Swap media F. Trim media G. Mute clip audio 

Resize handles

Resize the grid and media by dragging the handles.

Pan/Move tool


Pan: To move the media within the grid, drag the pan tool.

Move: To move the grid's content with the grid, click outside the pan tool and drag the selection.

Zoom slider

Drag the slider left to zoom out or right to zoom in.


Delete the grid and media.

Note: Once deleted, you cannot add the grid. However, you can undo the delete operation and get the grid back.

Swap Media

Replace the media in the current grid with the media in other grids. To swap the media, click Swap Media and drag the media to the grid with which you want to swap the media. The trimmed setting of the swapped video is also swapped.
To replace the media with the one in the media bin, drag the media from the media bin to the grid.

Trim Media (Video only)

Trim the clip to change the duration of your video or to define the frames you want to use.

Mute/Unmute clip audio (Video only)

Mute/Unmute audio of the clip in the current grid.

Video Collage settings

A. Templates B. Playback Settings C. Add Music 


Change the template of your video collage with one of the templates available. To change the template, double-click a template or select a template and click Apply.

Playback Settings

Specify the playback settings for the collage.

One after another

Play media one after another.

All together

Play all media together.

One after another

All together

Add music

Add background music to your collage from the Premiere Elements music library. To add music, double-click a music score or select a music score and click Apply.
To remove background music from your video collage, select No Background Music.

Preview video collage

Click to see the preview of your video collage instantly.

Video collage preview

Click Render for smooth playback.


It might take some time to load the preview of your video collage.

Save and export video collage

Save a Video Collage Project

To save a video collage, do one of the following:

  • In the Taskbar, click Save.
  • Choose File >Save.

The Video Collage Project is saved with a .vc filename extension.


A file with .vct extension is also created at the same location. This file is required to open the video collage. Do not delete this file.

Open a Video Collage Project

To open a video collage project, do one of the following:

  • Choose File > Open Project from the Premiere Elements workspace.
  • Choose File > Open Video Project from the Video Collage workspace.

Browse for the .vc file and click Open.


Do not place a file with the name placeholder.png at the location where your video collage is saved as this causes Video Collage workspace to not load properly and you get the media offline error message.

Export a Video Collage

Once you have finalized your video collage, the next step is to share your creation. There are a couple of ways to export and share your video collage.

Export to timeline

Click Export to timeline to export your video collage as a video clip to the timeline. Select this option if you want to make some edits and adjustments to your collage before sharing it.

Export & Share

The Export & Share option includes all the available export formats in a single panel. Individual tabs on the Export & Share panel represent the various media options that you can choose from. You can export your video collage for viewing on the web, mobile phone, computer,  and more. For more information, see Export and share your videos.


A video collage cannot be exported to a disc, or as an audio or image file. However, you can export your video collage to timeline and then use the Export & Share option to burn a DVD.

Video Collage project settings

Video Collage supports composition in 4K or HD resolution. You can create video collage in any of the project settings, however, to get the proper output on timeline create video collage with empty timeline or follow these steps:

  1. Create new project with HD 1920*1080 or 4K settings.
  2. Create video collage, customize it, and export it to timeline.

If you create a video collage with empty timeline, the project settings are automatically switched to corresponding video collage project (HD/4K).

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