The following example uses three threads to get the results of three RSS feeds. The user must submit the form with all three feeds specified. The application joins the threads with a time-out of 6 seconds, and displays the feed titles and the individual item titles as links.

<!--- Run this code if the feed URL form has been submitted. --->
<cfif isDefined("Form.submit")>
<cfloop index="i" from="1" to="3">
<!--- Use array notation and string concatenation to create a variable
for this feed. --->
<cfset theFeed = Form["Feed"&i]>
<cfif theFeed NEQ "">
<!--- Use a separate thread to get each of the feeds. --->
<cfthread action="run" name="t#i#" feed="#theFeed#">
<cffeed source="#feed#"
<!--- If the user didn't fill all fields, show an error message. --->
<h3>This example requires three feeds.<br />
Click the Back button and try again.</h3>

<!--- Join the three threads. Use a 6 second timeout. --->
<cfthread action="join" name="t1,t2,t3" timeout="6000" />

<!--- Use a loop to display the results from the feeds. --->
<cfloop index="i" from="1" to="3">
<!--- Use the cfthread scope and associative array notation to get the
Thread scope. --->
<cfset feedResult=cfthread["t#i#"]>
<!--- Display feed information only if you got items,
for example, the feed must complete before the join. --->
<cfif isDefined("feedResult.myQuery")>
<cfoutput query="feedResult.myQuery">
<p><a href="#RSSLINK#">#TITLE#</a></p>


<!--- The form for entering the feeds to aggregate. --->
<h3>Enter three RSS Feeds</h3>
<cfinput type="text" size="100" name="Feed1" validate="url"
value=""><br />
<cfinput type="text" size="100" name="Feed2" validate="url"
value=""><br />
<cfinput type="text" size="100" name="Feed3" validate="url"
value=""><br />
<cfinput type="submit" name="submit">

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