Watch this series of videos that provide targeted instruction on how to use a variety of features and workflows in Adobe XD. Use the sample file provided with the app to try these concepts on your own.


Get started with Adobe XD

Learn about the variety of resources available directly within Adobe XD. From the Welcome screen, you can access UI kits or a sample file that serves as an in-app tutorial to get you started. Use the starter file to experiment with the design tools, create interactive prototypes, and see how to share prototypes with others.

Total time: 3 min

Work with Artboards

Learn about the options available for creating multiple artboards in Adobe XD. See how to rename artboards, change their background color, rotate, and change their dimensions.

Total time: 2 min

Use drawing and text tools

Learn how to use the drawing and text tools. Apply rounded corners to rectangles; change the type, alignment, and spacing of text; use boolean operations to add, subtract, intersect, exclude, or overlap multiple shapes; or change an object's color or border (stroke).

Total time: 4 min

Use the Pen tool

Learn about the new Pen tool that was introduced just for Adobe XD. Select the Pen tool to draw custom paths, or use keyboard shortcuts and hints to quickly draw angles, close paths, draw smooth curves, add or remove anchor points, or switch between curved and angled paths. You can even set the color of a shape before you finish drawing it, and use the Property Inspector to further refine the path.

Total time: 2 min

Mask and import images

Learn how to import a bitmap image, or part of an image, from Photoshop, or use an bitmap directly from Finder. Then, see how to create a custom look with mask and fill options.

Total time: 2 min

Import SVG

Learn how to import SVG assets from Finder, Illustrator, and other tools. The paths are fully editable so you can change the properties of a vector image after you import it into Adobe XD.

Total time: 2 min

Use Repeat Grid

Learn how to use Repeat Grid to replicate items quickly in your design. Select a set of objects to repeat, then change attributes and spacing in one cell, and see it adjust across all cells. 

Total time: 3 min

Export assets

Learn how to export an individual asset, artboard, or all artboards in a design to prepare assets for handoff to developers for production. Export assets targeted for web, iOS, or Android in PNG or SVG format. 

Total time: 2 1/2 min

Create prototypes

Learn how to create prototypes by defining interactions between screens in your app. Then, see how to test prototypes using the interactive preview feature.

Total time: 2 1/2 min

Record prototypes as videos

Learn how to record a video as you click through the interactions in a prototype so you can share with other developers or stakeholders.

Total time: 2 min

Share prototypes on the web

Learn how to create a unique identity for your prototype and generate a link to share interactive prototypes with others.

Total time: 2 1/2 min

Contributor: Demian Borba

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