Learn how to add more capability to Adobe XD. Find the latest free plugins and automate repeat operations or parts of designer workflows that are tedious, complex, or repetitive.

What are plugins?

Adobe XD features plugins and app-integrations from Adobe and third-party developers that enhances your design workflow by automating complex and repeat tasks, and enabling deep integrations with external tools and services. For example, if you have a need to use Google Maps, you can install and use a third-party plugin to bring them into your XD project. Check out this Adobe Community post to know more about using Google Maps in XD projects.

XD also supports external integrations such as JIRA and in-app extensions to provide a complete solution for designers and stakeholders. 

To view the list of plugins available for XD, Visit the Adobe XD resources page.

Are there any specific system requirements to get started with plugins?

You need XD version 13.0 to view, manage, and build plugins. Plugin development and management are supported on both Windows and MacOS platforms.

How do I view and install plugins?

In the home screen, select Add-ons > Plugins to launch the Plugin Manager. Use the Plugin Manager to view, launch, install, and update plugins.

You can also view and manage plugins from the Plugins menu within Adobe XD application.

How do I create plugins?

To get started with plugins, select Plugins > DevelopmentCreate a Plugin that leads you to the Adobe I/O developer console.

For information on how to get started with building, testing, and submitting plugins for an in-app listing, see Adobe XD developer documentation.

Create plugins
Create plugins

Do I need administrative privileges to install plugins?

You do not require administrative privileges or special passwords to install plugins.

How do I troubleshoot plugin-related issues?

To resolve troubleshooting issues, use the Get Support option within plugins to reach out to the plugin developer.

To verify if the troubleshooting issues are exclusively related to plugins:

  • Use the Disable option in the Plugin Manager to manually disable each installed plugin, or
  •  Hold down the Shift key when launching XD to temporarily disable all plugins.

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