Adobe RoboHelp 11.0.1 ReadMe

This document provides information on the following issues resolved in the latest RoboHelp update 11.0.1:

  1. Added support to enable users to generate Android apps using Responsive HTML5 output along with the currently supported Multiscreen outputs.
    To ensure these changes are applied, perform the following procedure to clear the RoboHelp cache:
    Clear RoboHelp cache

    (Ref# 3698571)

  2. RoboHelp is unable to register macros for Office 365 Pro Plus.

    (Ref#: 3708979)

  3. When using RoboHelp to generate a native Android app, enable support for Pinch and Spread Zoom functionality.
    For details, see Generate a native mobile app.

    (Ref# 3709205)

  4. If the WebHelp output from RoboHelp is viewed in Chrome version 32, the Close Navigation pane button does not work.

    (Ref# 3709387)

  5. If the CHM output from RoboHelp is invoked from an external application, the pop-ups cannot be resized.

    (Ref# 3709388)

  6. The WebHelp output from RoboHelp encounters a Cross site scripting (XSS) vulnerability issue.

    (Ref# 3709395)

  7. A cell-spacing issue is encountered in the Printed Documentation output for FrameMaker files imported to RoboHelp.

    (Ref# 3709396)

  8. An index is not generated when generating Eclipse Help from RoboHelp.

    (Ref# 3709399)

  9. If the ResponsiveHelp layout is edited, the search options in the output do not display.
    Clear RoboHelp cache

    (Ref# 3709750)

  10. Use of Condition-based expression in the Printed Documentation properties dialog breaks hyperlink in DOC and PDF output which is referenced to an external topic.

    (Ref# 3709753)

  11. If a .css file other than default.css is used in a project, the Apply to all Topics option does not cause the styles to be applied to all topics in printed documentation output.

    (Ref# 3709757)

  12. An error is encountered when a RoboHelp 10 .isf file is imported into RoboHelp 11.

    (Ref# 3709766)

  13. The Multiscreen HTML5 screen profile displays as a desktop profile when viewed on an HD mobile device.

    (Ref# 3709828)

  14. PDF generation using Printed Documentation SSL causes RoboHelp to hang on a computer on which RoboHelp is launched for the first time.

    (Ref# 3710004)

  15. When we publish an online help system, certain user searches throw off the alignment of tables by adding an extra tag.

    (Ref# 3720550)

  16. When topic template is used it removes the formatting of the topic in the output

    (Ref# 3721263)

  17. If index pop-ups in WebHelp output from RoboHelp contain apostrophes, these are preceded with a slash.

    (Ref# 3721282)

  18. RoboHelp should contain a Help Viewer that enable a user to view RoboHelp documentation from within the application.

    (Ref# 3730625)

  19. Skins are not visible in the Webhelp Skin Gallery if a user clears the %appdata% folder.

    (Ref# 3731498)

  20. When previewing skins in the Skin Gallery, if the right-click mouse button is clicked before the skin appears, RoboHelp application hangs.

    (Ref# 3736341)

  21. If Adobe AIR Help is generated using the steps described in this article: MERGING MULTIPLE HELP SYSTEMS IN ROBOHELP AIR HELP OUTPUT, search on the output fails with the following error:

    Error:Cannot initialise database

    (Ref# 3736809)

Clear RoboHelp cache

Perform the following procedure to clear the RoboHelp cache:

  1. Close RoboHelp.

  2. Go to the following RoboHelp cache folder:


  3. Locate and rename the folder: 11.00 to 11.00_old

    You can use the 11.00_old as a backup.

  4. Restart RoboHelp.

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