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Choose the right category

See descriptions of Adobe Stock content categories so you can choose the right one for your assets.

Adobe Stock uses categories to help customers zero in on the content that will best fit their needs. When you upload files to the Contributor portal, Adobe Stock uses Adobe Sensei technology to automatically suggest categories for you. You can go with those suggestions or choose different categories. And if you don't find a category that perfectly describes your content, just pick the closest one. 

Adobe Stock categories by number:

  1. Animals: Content related to animals, insects, or pets — at home or in the wild. 
  2. Buildings and Architecture: Structures like homes, interiors, offices, temples, barns, factories, and shelters. 
  3. Business: People in business settings, offices, business concepts, finance, and money
  4. Drinks: Content related to beer, wine, spirits, and other drinks. 
  5. The Environment: Depictions of nature or the places we work and live. 
  6. States of MindContent related to people’s emotions and inner voices. 
  7. Food: Anything focused on food and eating. 
  8. Graphic Resources: Backgrounds, textures, and symbols. 
  9. Hobbies and Leisure: Pastime activities that bring joy and/or relaxation, such as knitting, building model airplanes, and sailing. 
  10. Industry: Depictions of work and manufacturing, like building cars, forging steel, producing clothing, or producing energy. 
  11. LandscapeVistas, cities, nature, and other locations. 
  12. Lifestyle: The environments and activities of people at home, work, and play. 
  13. People: People of all ages, ethnicities, cultures, genders, and abilities. 
  14. Plants and Flowers: Close-ups of the natural world. 
  15. Culture and Religion: Depictions of the traditions, beliefs, and cultures of people around the world. 
  16. Science: Content with a focus on the applied, natural, medical, and theoretical sciences. 
  17. Social Issues: Poverty, inequality, politics, violence, and other depictions of social issues. 
  18. Sports: Content focused on sports and fitness, including football, basketball, hunting, yoga, and skiing. 
  19. Technology: Computers, smartphones, virtual reality, and other tools designed to increase productivity. 
  20. TransportDifferent types of transportation, including cars, buses, trains, planes, and highway systems. 
  21. TravelLocal and worldwide travel, culture, and lifestyles. 



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