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Model Tagger FAQ

The model tagger is a new form designed to gather additional information about the models' identity in your images. It appends the information available in the Model Release. 

We understand that authentic identities are intersectional and often not properly supported in forms, so we created the Model Tagger to enable you to describe models accurately and authentically. Adobe Stock will use the data in the forms to create filters and enhance search so your content is more visible to buyers. 

The Model Tagger is an additional column in the Releases tab in the Uploaded Files section of the Adobe Stock Contributor Portal. We encourage contributors to add age, gender identity, and ethnicity information to their model releases. 

Follow these steps to fill out a Model Tagger:

  • Navigate to Releases.
  • Click the + sign next to a release. 
  • Select Model or Property Release.
  • For model releases, make your selection for gender, age, and ethnicity at the time of the shoot. 

If a model has multiple ethinicities or gender identity categories, select all the values that best represent the model's identity. 

If you don't know the model's ethnicity, select "Don't Know". 

When you're done, click "Save".


The data captured in the age, gender, and ethnicity categories will be used in filters on the Adobe Stock website. It will not be used in keyword search results at this time. You should continue to keyword and title your content as before. 

Adobe Stock scanned a subset of releases from the last two years and added the ethnicity information to the Model Tagger automatically. 

We recommend that you edit the information to add gender and age information as we plan to add additional filters in the future. 

Releases created with Adobe Sign cannot be edited at this time. 

The ethnicity and gender information captured in titles and keywords is used for search relevance. The information captured in the Model Tagger is meant to more specifically capture how models identify themselves. It is being used in filters to help stock buyers find assets based on model's ethnic or gender identities. 

The more accurate and specific you can be, the better. This data is meant to confirm how your models identify and represent themselves. If you have any doubt about a model's ethnicity or gender, it's best to leave the section blank or select "Don't Know". 

The Model Tagger includes an open field text field where you can type in a gender or ethnicity that isn't listed. We'll review these options regularly and consider adding them to the filter. 

Your content's titles and keywords determine it's search visibility. The additional information provided in the Model Tagger will be used to refine search results. 

We'll be making an update to allow you to add age, gender, and ethnicity information in your CSV files. 


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