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Manage your Contributor profile page

Grab attention with a cover image and featured collections of your best work. 

Create a cover image.

Follow these steps to add a profile cover image that shows Adobe Stock customers your style: 

  1. Either go to your Contributor account page and click Choose image from the top banner, which looks like this: 

    ...or go to your Dashboard tab and find the photo you’d like to use for your cover image. It’ll be cropped automatically, so it’s best to choose a landscape shot with a focal point in the center.  

  2. Click Make profile cover image and the photo will appear in the top area of your profile page.

Feature collections on your profile page

You can create curated collections on the Contributor portal to organize and present your best work to buyers. Collections can contain up to 1000 assets. You can create as many collections as you like, but only two of them can be featured on your Contributor profile page.

Create featured collections

Follow the steps below to create collections of your best work and showcase them on your profile page. Each collection can contain up to 1,000 assets and you can create as many collections as you want, but you can only feature two collections on your profile page. 

  1. From the Portfolio tab, select the assets you want to add to your new collection by checking the box above each image preview. 

  2. Click the Add to a collection button that sits below your image previews to either add the images to an existing collection or create a new collection. 

  3. Once you’ve created a collection and you’re ready to feature it on your profile page, click Dashboard in the menu bar and then click the Collections tab in the My Portfolio area. 

  4. Choose the collection you’d like to display on your portfolio page, click the three dots above the collection’s featured image, and then choose Feature on my public profile from the drop-down menu.  

    Feature a collection on your profile page


As an Adobe Stock Contributor, you have free access to Adobe Portfolio. If you’d like to share a collection from your Contributor account to your Adobe Portfolio page, choose Share to Adobe Portfolio from the same menu displayed in the image above. 

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