Adobe Stock gives you exposure to the world’s largest creative community. By contributing to Adobe Stock, you will be able to reach these global buyers and get rewarded for your work with best-in-class royalties.

It is important that you familiarize yourself with our submission guidelines before you begin to submit content. Please also see our Terms of Use.


  • You must be 18 years or older to submit content to Adobe Stock account.
  • You need to create an Adobe ID, or use an existing Adobe ID to access the portal. It is important that you accurately select your country of residence, because the country associated with an Adobe ID can’t be changed.
  • You will be asked to upload a JPEG file of a valid government-issued photo ID to verify your account when you submit content for the first time. It needs to match the first and last name of your Adobe ID for the Adobe Stock Contributor account and include your date of birth.
  • You retain all rights to files and the underlying rights depicted in the content of files in your Adobe Stock account. You agree that you don’t violate privacy, moral rights, or any rights of others.
  • You are responsible for entering correct payment and tax information in your account. To learn more about payment information click here.
  • If you are already a Fotolia contributor, you will be asked to sync your Fotolia account when you create or login with your Adobe ID on the Contributor portal. This step won’t impact your Fotolia contributor status, and you can continue to upload and manage content on the Fotolia contributor site if you prefer.
  • If we see prohibited activities related to content submissions or account management, you may receive a warning, or your account may be suspended or terminated. Several warnings may lead to account suspension or termination.

    Some examples of prohibited activities are:
    • Spamming of content, such as multiple submissions of identical, or almost identical files
    • Irrelevant or spamming of keywords or titles. 
    • Purchase of own content to increase sales rank and boost search results
    • Copying of other artists’ files or keywords
    • Submitting public domain content
    • Submitting infringing, illegal or pornographic content


  • You must own or control all the rights to the files you submit to Adobe Stock. Don’t submit files that don’t belong to you (for example, photos which your spouse took) or which incorporate items that are not yours, such as content found on websites or through online search results.
  • Do not embed your personal or company logos, watermark, name, or tracking information into your files.
  • Files that contain logos, trademarks, company or brand names (e.g., Apple, Nike, Gucci and BMW) or copyrighted works, such as art, sculptures, architecture, exhibits, audio can’t be accepted unless you digitally remove their appearance. This includes identifiable packaging or other product dress. Note that some items can’t be accepted even without their logos because their unique appearance make them universally recognizable. See Known Image Restrictions for more info.
  • You must follow local and federal laws when creating and submitting content to Adobe Stock. We won’t accept illegal, pornographic or immoral content.
  • We reserve the right to accept, decline, or remove files. 

Technical requirements for content

Images (photos or illustrations)

  • JPEG format only
  • Minimum image resolution is 4MP (megapixels)
  • Maximum image resolution is 100MP (megapixels)
  • Maximum file size is 45MB (megabytes)


  • AI or EPS format.
  • Upload EPS or AI files directly. Previously, you had to place each file in a ZIP archive that includes a JPEG preview. If you have ZIP files already created, you can continue to upload them.

Note: A direct upload of .eps files isn't supported if you're using Internet Explorer as your browser. Switch to a different browser to upload them.

  • Minimum resolution is 5,000 x 3,000 (15 million pixels).


  • Videos must be uploaded through FTP.
  • Minimum video resolution is 1280x720, but we recommend recording in Full HD, 4K DCI or 4K UHD.
  • File format must be: MOV, MP4, MPG ,or AVI format.
  • Duration needs to be at least 5 seconds and not exceed 60 seconds.
  • Maximum file size of 3900MB (3.9GB). 
  • Avoid vertical or square framing.

Titles and keywords

Customers find content through keyword searches within Adobe Stock. Writing succinct, descriptive, and accurate information about your files is critical to increase their visibility and sales.


  • A file title should be descriptive and short. 5-7 words (recommended)
  • Titles should be subject specific and written in the same language as your keywords. 
  • Don’t write numbers, camera information, or unrelated information.


Keywords are very important elements when selling your images. Keywords are descriptions used to accurately identify your files. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Identify keywords that a customer might use to find your file. 
  • Use keywords that are both literal and conceptual.
  • Add a minimum of 7 keywords to each file, the maximum is 50. We recommend between 8 - 30 keywords.
  • Add the most important keywords first.
  • If you added keywords to your file in Lightroom, they will be shown in alphabetical order. You must reorder them by relevance, otherwise your content may not show up in searches.
  • Keyword spamming (adding unrelated keywords) is prohibited.


  • All content that contains identifiable people must be submitted with a valid model release. Submissions depicting a minor must be accompanied by a model release that was signed by the minor's parent or legal guardian. Content that contains recognizable places, buildings, or other property—such as pets, automobiles, or artwork—may require a property release form.
  • You can digitally route a model and property release for an electronic signature, or download a model and property release form from the Adobe Stock Contributor portal in the Uploads tab. Releases from other providers may also be accepted as long as they fulfill Adobe’s requirements. Read more about Model release and Property release information.
  • Nudity: For submissions containing nude content of artistic value, the model must be at least 18 years old and the model release must include a photo ID of the model to allow verification of age. Never submit any sexually explicit material. Submissions must not contain X-rated or any illegal content according to US law.

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