Read this article to find solutions for the "Could not find the server" error in Adobe Muse.


You receive the error “Could not connect to the server” while trying to log in to Adobe Muse. This error can occur when your computer is offline. It can also occur when Adobe Muse doesn’t have access to some URLs required for Adobe ID authentication.

Adobe Muse error: Could not connect to the server
Adobe Muse error: Could not connect to the server


An Internet connection is required when logging in to Adobe Muse with an Adobe ID. If you are connected to the Internet and receive this error, it is likely that several URLs required for login are being blocked.

Make sure that Muse can access the following URLs to authenticate an Adobe ID:


There are several common cases in which these URLs could be blocked:

  • Firewall software (such as Windows Firewall)
  • Antivirus/malware software
  • A corporate IT environment

Ensure that Adobe Muse has access to the above URLs by whitelisting or allowing them in your firewall software. Also make sure that antivirus/malware software isn’t blocking Adobe Muse from connecting to the Internet. If you are within a corporate network, contact your IT department to ensure that the above URLs are reachable.

If none of these resolve the login error, start a chat case with an agent. To access chat for Adobe Muse, go to and:

  1. Select Adobe Muse from the Product menu
  2. Choose “Using my product or service” from the “Tell us what you need help with” select menu.
  3. Click I Still Need Help.