Use the document to learn about tag list and tag list items

You can define tag lists that can be reused across multiple projects. If a document doesn’t have local tags or a tag list associated with it, the default list of tags becomes available for your use and customization. If a tag list is applied to a document that already has some script-level local tags, you can validate and add these tags to the tag list.

You can also define and manage tag-item lists for quick reuse across multiple projects. These lists are suggested to you as autocomplete options when you specify tag items for a tag.

Create tag lists and tag item lists

To create a tag list or tag item list, follow these steps:

  1. In the Story Projects view, click Manage Lists.

  2. Click Create New in the Tag List or Tag Item List area.

  3. Enter a list title.

  4. Click Create New to add a new tag/tag item.

  5. Enter the name of the tag/tag item in the Title box.

  6. (Only for tag lists) If necessary, specify a color that you want associated words/phrases in the project to be displayed in.

  7. Click OK.