In just 60 seconds learn how to create a captivating video that uses text, photos, video and music to showcase all aspects of your creativity and is great for sharing too.

Now try it yourself

Download our practice files for a head start, or you can use your own photos, videos and music.


1. Open Adobe Spark in your web browser ( and click on the Start now button. Log in with your Adobe ID or choose any of the other log in options.

2. On your Projects page, click on the Create a project button. Spark will offer you some templates you can use as a starting point. As we want to start with an empty project, click on the  Start from scratch button on the upper right corner, then select Video from the dropdown menu.

3. You can click Skip when Spark prompts you to enter your story idea as this is an option only. On the bottom of the page, click on Start from Scratch to start a new empty video project.

Add Image, Text and Video

4. Before you start editing the video content, choose a general layout theme. Click Theme on the top right, then choose Elevate as the theme and select red as text color from the color swatches.

5. Add text: Return to the initial work mode by clicking on Layout. Click the + icon in the middle of the preview window, then choose Text. Type in "Hi!". This will be the first screen your video starts with.


Tip: The little number underneath the preview image on the video timeline will help to keep track of your storyline and provide you with an overview of what is already in there.

6. Add an image: On the preview window, click on the + icon in the upper left corner. From the context menu, choose Photo, then click the Upload photo button. Browse the practice files you downloaded for this tutorial and choose image 01.jpg.

7. Click and drag the text you  created earlier and move it to the left hand side of the image.

Add more content

8. On the video timeline at the bottom of the page, click the + button right next to the play button to create another video sequence. Chose Photo from the menu on the preview window, then Upload Photo and choose image 02.jpg from your practice files.

9. Select Layout work mode from the top right menu, then click SPLIT SCREEN. From the menu on the preview window choose Text.

10. Type “My latest project”.

11. Add video: Click the + icon on the video timeline to create another video sequence. From the menu on the preview window, choose Video, then browse the practice files and select the 03.mp4 video.

12. On the next screen you can trim your video before uploading it. You can also set a new start and end point of your video by clicking and dragging the handles on the video timeline, then click Save.

13. Click on SPLIT SCREEN from the layout menu, then find the double arrow icon between video and text and click on it to swap items.

14. Click the + icon, then choose Text. Type "Created in Illustrator".

15. Create another four video sequences by clicking four times on the + button of the video timeline. Add the remaining four images from the practice files, split screen and add text of your choice.

Add Music

16. Select Music on the top right menu. Click on the Add my music button, then browse the practice files and choose Stronger Together.mp3.

17. We are now all done with the video content and you can  preview it by clicking on the Preview button on the top menu.


Tip: Change the slide order by simply clicking and dragging a slide to a new position on the video timeline.

Share your video

18. Click the Share button on the top menu, pick a category, find a title and enter your name into the Author field. Turn off the Get Noticed switch (or keep it on if you are publishing your own story). Finally click on the Create link button to publish your video. Now you can copy and share the public link of your video or choose from one of the other sharing options.

That's it! Now it's your turn to create your very own video with Spark in minutes. Download the assets or use your own and share your video on Facebook or Twitter using #MadewithSpark to get feedback and connect with other creative minds.






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