For an English(International) user (en_GB user), Acrobat gets installed in English with Arabic support

Issue Severity:  As per our basic investigation on PDF editing, Acrobat DC seem to work fine for English user (despite Acrobat DC being installed in English with Arabic support). Only during uninstall, for couple of seconds (around 2 secs), progress bar goes from right to left

Resolution for Creative Cloud Packager (CCP) users

It is a 3-step install of package created by CCP, for Acrobat DC users. 

1.  Install Acrobat DC Setup commandline, as listed at

2.  Deploy main package msi.

3.   Run ExceptionDeployer in post mode.

After the 3 step deployment, when Acrobat DC is launched, it is launched in English.

Workaround for Creative Cloud Desktop App Users

1. Launch Acrobat, after Install. 

2. In Edit > Preference, select Languages and then select Choose at application startup in the Application Language drop-down menu.

Acrobat Application Language

3.  Click OK and quit Acrobat DC.

4.  Re-launch Acrobat DC, and select English from language selection combo to start it in English.

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