While using the Fill & Sign tool in Acrobat, the following error occurs:

"The operation could not be completed. Please try again later."



Acrobat DC
Acrobat Reader DC


Acrobat is unable to access the required web-URLs.


Solution 1

  1. Log out from Acrobat.
    1. Click Help.
    2. Click Sign out.
    3. Quit Acrobat.
    4. Quit all Acrobat process running on the machine from Task Manager.
  2. Launch Acrobat.
    1. Sign in using Adobe ID.
    2. Check if Fill and Sign works.

Solution 2

  1. Connect the machine to a different network.
  2. Check if Fill and Sign works.

If Fill and Sign works after connecting to a different network, then it is an issue with network endpoints. 

Enable the following network endpoints:


Additional Information

To view the list of service endpoints for Acrobat, see the following article:


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