Connect Meeting user cannot select a USB video source on a Mac Notebook


In an Adobe Connectmeeting on Mac notebook, when a Host or Presenter plugs in a USB cameraand chooses Meeting > Select Camera, only the USB Video Class Videooption is available(which defaults to the iSight built-in camera). The USB camera that is plugged in is not recognized.

Note: This issue only occurs on Mac notebooks with a built-in iSight camera.


This problem occurs because the Flash plug-in that Connect uses only lists drivers (instead of devices) and the two cameras are both using the Apple USB Video Class (UVC) driver.


To workaround this issue,you may first need to launch another Webcam application such as iChat, whichputs the built-in iSight camera in use. Then launchConnect and enter the meeting and you should be able to select your other camera asthe video source.

Note: The Flash plug-in seesFireWire cameras separately from USB cameras, so switching between these in Connect is not an issue.

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