Learn about the Adobe Connect add-in required for Meeting Room functionality, screen sharing, and offline recording.

The Adobe Connect Add-in is a specialized version of Flash Player, required for the following functionality in an Adobe Connect Meeting Room:

  • Screen sharing
  • Offline recording (FLV format)
  • Share a supported file by dragging it into a share pod
  • Enhanced Audio and Echo Cancellation (Connect 8 only)

If the Add-in is not installed, then trying to share your screen or a PPTX file in a meeting results in a prompt to download and install the Add-in (or "Lightning download"). The Add-in can also be installed manually before a Meeting. The Add-in is not required to be a Host or Presenter. Even if the Add-in is installed, Flash Player is still required to start or join a meeting.

Note the following about the Add-in:

  • If the meeting is launched in the Add-in from the Chrome browser, then closing all instances of the Chrome browser causes you to exit the room.
  • The Connect 8 Add-in is based on Flash Player 9, while the Connect 9 Add-in is based on Flash Player 11.
  • The Connect 8 Add-in is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Ubuntu Linux 10.04. The Connect 9 Add-in is available for Windows and Mac OS.
  • The Connect 8 Add-in doesn't work with a Connect 9 Meeting. The Connect 9 Add-in doesn't work with a Connect 8 Meeting. The Connect 8 and 9 Add-ins can coexist on the same system.

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