When attempting to view or publish a Macromedia Breeze presentation, users receive a dialog box with an error message: "Macromedia Breeze cannot load the recordings for all slides. The recordings are not in the .ppc file."


When recording audio and slide synchronization, the Macromedia Breeze Plug-in for PowerPoint creates a PPC file. The PPC file contains the audio and syncing information for the presentation. This file is automatically created and managed by the Macromedia Breeze Plug-in for PowerPoint. If the PPC file is deleted, or if the PowerPoint presentation is moved to another machine and the PPC file is not included, the audio and syncing will be lost for the presentation.

When the Macromedia Breeze Plug-in for PowerPoint attempts to either play or publish the presentation, it will look for the associated PPC file. If this file is not found a dialog box will be displayed allowing the developer to cancel playback/publishing, locate the PPC file or "Continue without the recordings for these slides".


The associated PPC file must be located to successfully playback or publish the presentation with audio and slide synchronization. The PPC file is usually the same name as the original PPT file. When the dialog box appears, use the following steps to select the correct PPC file:

  1. Choose Load the recordings from another file:. When this item is selected the file path field and browse button are activated.
  2. Select Browse... to find the PPC file, or type in the path name for the file in the field provided. Once the
  3. Select OK. The Macromedia Breeze Plug-in for PowerPoint should create a new PPC file with the same name as your current presentation.

Note: If Continue without the recordings for these slides is chosen and the OK button is pressed, the association between the presentation and the audio file will be lost permanently and cannot be reset.

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