If there are multiple host names in the Breeze database and only one host name is valid, you will get a "Request Not Processed" error when trying to view presentations.


The cause of this issue is that there are extra host names in the Breeze database. This can be caused by switching the host name of the Breeze server system and then, when Breeze starts up, since it registers a new host name of the Breeze server system, the old host name of the Breeze server system becomes the extra host name in the database.


You can execute the following two SQL statements against your Breeze database and email Breeze Technical Support with the results of the queries to help us troubleshoot your issue and/or remove your extra host names:

First SQL Query to execute against your Breeze database:

select * from pps_enum_data_hosts

Second SQL Query to be executed:

select * from pps_sequences

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