approveDebugSession(appInst:String, PIN:Number) : Object

This method is not supported over HTTP.

Approves a pending debug session’s request to connect to a selected application. Once approved and permitted, the debug session may connect to its application and act as a regular client. Connecting to an application with a debug session allows you to view the streams and shared objects for an application through the Administration Console.


Flash Media Server 2.0.



A String indicating the application and instance name that has a pending debug connection to approve.


A number indicating the debug session personal identification number. Each debug connection issues a debug number when queueing to connect to an application. This same number is included on this API. When this API is processed, the PIN numbers are matched and the corresponding connection is allowed to connect. This is a security measure to prevent unauthorized users from using the debug connection.

Keep in mind that 0 is not a valid PIN value. To maintain security, PIN numbers should not be able to be easily guessed. PIN numbers must be non-zero and must be within the range of +/- (2^31 - 1) that is between positive or negative 2147483648. If there is a pending connection with a given PIN, and another connection arrives with the same PIN while the original is still waiting, the second connection with the same PIN will be rejected as a security measure.



If the call succeeds, the server returns an Object with a level property of status and a code property of NetConnection.Call.Success. If the call fails, the server returns an Object with a level property of error and a code property describing the failure.


The following is an example of a debug session:

 // The original string is _fcs_debugreq_=1234.

The following is an example of a Debug approval request:"approveDebugSession", null, "appName/instName", 1234);
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